August 28

August 28th 2018 Troop 494 Committee Minutes

1.  Welcome-Scott welcomed everyone.  The weekly email sending worked out this week.  If you are not getting the weekly email by Monday night please let Scott know.  Also please get the new Youth Protection training done ASAP and let Scott know once you have completed it.    

2.  Eagle Proposal’s-none

3.  Scoutmaster Report-Marc Johannsen – National School Night for Scouting is the 3rd week of September, Thursday Sept 20th.   Clint suggested using the Webelos Bottle rocket event Sept 10th at Otter Lake at 6:30pm to recruit scouts.  Scott will get sign up sheets going for this.  Committee members suggested using the White Bear Press and the website NextDoor to get the word out since schools no longer will post/pass out extracurricular activity flyers.   Scott would like as many OA members to Sept 21-23 at Camp Ajawah, Linwood Township. He is encouraging adults to participate in Wood Badge and Univ of Scout. Oct 27th.   Boy Scouts are also receiving a pocket knife for recruiting a new scout member.

4.  Camping Committee-Eric Bergquist   

  • Monthly Campouts

  • Namekagon Canoe Trip is September 7-9; 34 people are signed up including 4 Webelo Scouts

  • District Fall Camporee is September 28-30 in Almelund; pumpkin chucking campout got cancelled.  Will get a Sign up sheet for the district campout instead. It is Pioneer themed with rapture center presentation, muzzle loading, iron works, pancake breakfast, chuckwagon dinner and more!

  • Merit Badge Campout is Nov 2-4; reservation made at Fred C.

  • Mr and Mrs Kringel will be taking over as Camping Chair Tomahawk in January

  • High Adventure -Sheila Thom reports that scouts and adults are being recruited.  3 Commitment letters have been turned in so far. Reservations will be made at the end of September with the letters received.

  • Quartermaster – Jim Grisim – Committee decided to hold on getting a new pop-up canopy as the troop has 2 others and getting a larger canopy will make the trailers more heavy.  Scott will check with John M on status of getting new washing bins.

5.  Advancement Committee - Jennifer Koskie

  • Advancement status – Jennifer reports there are 28 Scouts, 4 Tenderfoot, 0- 2nd Class, 8- 1st Class, 2 Star, 12 Life, 2 Eagle                                 

  • Merit badge schedule - Ken Hall reports that 4 merit badges will be offered at the troop Merit Badge weekend.  The scouts will pick 2 Eagle and 2 non-Eagle offerings. Mr. Rausch has offered his counselor services if needed.  Discussed ways to make more time to work on merit badges. Starting the troop meetings on time will help. Ken reports that the troop needs more merit badge counselors.  

  • Road to First Class update – Joe reported August was a great month for progressing the scouts with their requirements.

  • Road to Life update -Dan Feidt does want to continue in this position, but is looking for someone to replace him.  

6.  Report from PLC – Jack presented the agenda for the months meetings; troop will bring a snack after the Christ the King activity; Jack will have the PLC rank the suggested merit badges for merit badge weekend                       


 7.  Fundraising Committee  


  • Popcorn/Wreath - Jennifer report that the Kick off is Friday, Sept  21. But, the troop will announce it at the Sept. 18th at the Court of Honor.  Money collection will be October 30. Committee discussed if the Troop wanted to offer an incentive to the scout to sell more, but decided to keep with the same protocol.  No changes needed for website, prices are the same. Webstore can be made available on Sep 18th.  Wreath pick will be at Steve’s house again the week before Thanksgiving.                         

  • Scott reports that Composting is confirmed for October 27 is confirmed for 2 different shifts.  The troop needs to decide on a charitable cause; possibly First Presbyterian can suggest a local Adopt-a family or another church charitable cause; FMSC.  Scott will follow up.

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier  

  • Feed my Starving Children is Tuesday October 9

9.    Fun Night – Will McMillen 

  • Fun Night is November 6th Whirrly Ball or Bowling.  

10.   Treasurer's Report- Deb reports no issues and will be sending out statements soon.

11.  Other

  • Scott reports Open Troop position status: Secretary, High Adventure Coordinator, Treasurer, and Committee Chair.   Calling all parents of currently registered scouts to take on one of these positions and to become involved.

  • Girls joining Scouts Scott/Marc gave an overview of the proposal of adding Girls to the troop presenting the model the district is proposing.  More information can be found in small print on the district webpage. A vote at next month’s Committee meeting will take place to decide if the troop is interested in partnering to make a Girl Troop.

12.  Old Business      

13.  New Business – Roger reports this April is the Troop’s 25th Anniversary.  Discussed ideas to commemorate the event with new neckerchiefs or a bar added to the troop number.  A sub-committee of Roger, Clint and Jim Grisim was formed to take over the planning.