May 29, 2018

Committee Minutes



1. Welcome – Roger Scherping welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Scoutmaster’s Report

Marc Johannsen reported that both Nathan G. and Jack B. will be attending Gray Wolf this summer. The boys are working on Forestry merit badge, and so we will be having one meeting per month outside this summer. The troop is looking for a bugler; Jack B. is apparently interested. We will have a smaller group at Tomahawk this year, but we will make it fun. There will be more troop campfires and some new adults joining us. The new ASPLs will be invested on June 5. There are boys who need leadership positions, and they should be encouraged to go see Marc.

3. Camping Report

Eric Bergquist reported that the Zipline Campout was a success. The boys enjoyed using the zip lines. The only problem was that the campground double-booked our campsite with a large Cub Scout Pack, so the troop left at the end of the day on Saturday.

The Hiking Campout is June 22, but right now we have no boys signed up. Prior preparation will be required to make this campout a success.

We have 22 boys and 8 adults signed up for Tomahawk. The swim test will be at the YMCA (formerly the Maplewood Community Center) on June 26. Health forms will be due then, too.

The 2018 SeaBase campout return flight is being changed. Sam Hunter will check with Shiela Thom about a gear shakedown meeting after an upcoming troop meeting. Health forms will be collected at the swim test. Marc will provide the necessary Scouting IDs for the troop participants.

Some Scouts have expressed interest in attending the 2019 World Jamboree. They will attend as individuals. Our 2019 High Adventure will be Chisholm Trail in Texas.

4. Zach V. presented his Eagle project for approval. He will lead a team that will collect data on the location of AED’s in our area for inclusion in an app that has been created by the WB Fire Department. The project was verbally approved, but he must get his paperwork done and signed at the next troop meeting.

5. Jack B. reported that the Tomahawk shirts will be light purple. The meeting schedule for June will be: 5th advancement and campout planning, 12th Court of Honor, 19th kickball at Sunrise.

6. Quartermaster Report

Jim Grisim reported that the canopies will get heavy use the next few weekends for grad parties. He plans to go through the trailers before Tomahawk, checking propane and lanterns, replacing can openers, and adding hand sanitizers.

7. Advancement

Jennifer Greene reported via email that Holli Braasch will be handling the June Court of Honor. Jennifer will have all of the awards for her, and Holli will prepare the program and get the root beer float fixings. Jennifer needs all blue cards, rank advancement forms, and any other award information by next week’s troop meeting.

Our Scouts’ rank status is: Scout-2, Tenderfoot-2, Second Class-1, First Class-8, Star-8, Life-8, Eagle-2 (working on Bronze Palms).

Merit badges: Ken Hall reported that final signoffs before the Court of Honor will take place at the next troop meeting. Scouts are still catching up on Forestry and Communications merit badges. In July we’ll work on Tomahawk prerequisites.

Road to First Class: Joe Mikkelson reported that Ben and Andrew have now earned their Scout badge, and they recently took their physical fitness tests. Joe will check with Ken Rowe about his Tomahawk plans.

Road to Life: no update

8. Fundraising Report

Molly Barth reported that flower sales went well, with the boys selling $18,000 at a 35% margin.

Patti Brown reported that the Manitou 15k is this weekend. There were challenges, but we will be ready. We will use electronic timing equipment this year, including runners’ badges and an electronic mat at the finish. Setup is at 7 am. We need the 2 orange jugs filled with water, a laptop, and several other things. We will live stream the results. There is some construction on the route. Pre-race signups are good.

9. Community Service Report

Bill Johnson reported that the blizzard-delayed Heritage Park Cleanup went well. The City didn’t deliver wood chips, so the boys picked up trash. There were only 8 boys due to school conflicts.

Scouting for Food generated 500 pounds of food, despite being very poorly attended. There were only 6 Scouts and no Cubs due to the weather and conflicts. We may have overbooked May, especially with the April blizzard pushing events into May.

10. Fun Night

Will McMillen will run the troop picnic on August 14, and Scott will review the event with him.

11. Treasurer’s Report

Deb Torenvliet presented the Treasurer’s Report. A discussion was held about the upcoming Pumpkin Chuckin’ Campout in October and the boys’ budget for making trebuchets. Jack B. was instructed to find out from the boys how much money they think they need and report back to the Committee with a request.

12. Other

Patti Brown reported that we met our Friends of Scouting base goal.

Clint Koskie reported that everyone must complete the new, hour-long Youth Protection Training by October 1. Marc will set up a training session at the August Committee meeting.

Marc will work will Librarian Alex T. on going through the merit badge library before Tomahawk.