November 27, 2018

1.  Welcome - Roger conducted the meeting since Scott was absent.

2.  No Eagle Project proposals

3.  Scoutmaster Report-Marc Johannsen reports there is a new Scout crossing over from Roseville, Jan 6th.  We will need to go assist with the Light of Arrow Ceremony.  Marc needs two Troop guides.  There has been more energy in the last two meetings since the new Scouts have crossed over.  Marc would like the committee members to watch a video to learn how to manage behaviors.   We are in a rebuilding period.  World Jamboree info is slowly starting to come out.  There has been some confusion about the patrols formation.  Marc will get a list of patrol members from Jack to sort things out.  Marc will be taking nominations for Grey Wolf which will be due in March; there is a minimum age limit of 14.  Also, Committee member should encourage the Scouts think about applying for the SPL positions.

4.  Camping Committee-Eric Bergquist and Steve Kringle report that the Merit Badge Campout went fairly well with good attendance.  Some food/trash was left in the trailer by accident; please remember in the future to remind Scouts to make sure that gets disposed of.   The ATF guy did a great job.  The Shoreview Lock-In is Dec 8-9 and is reserved.  So far there are 15 cub Scouts, 11 boy Scouts which is below the minimum.  We will probably lose money this year.  The Committee will have to rethink what to do for next year.  The Electronics Campout January is 11-13 at Fred C Andersen.  It needs to be promoted.  Feb campout is Ski/Tubing which will be Feb 3rd, reserve by January 30th.   March 22-24 is   Planning Weekend.  April 26-28 is Leaders Choice - need to get something planned.

Sheila Thom reports that the 2020 Northern Tier High Adventure lottery is January. The signup deadline for a minimum of 4 boys and 2 adults is December 18, otherwise the troop will not be entering into the lottery.  There will be an info meeting Dec 4th. 

Quartermaster Mr. Grisim reports that the Patrol Box cleaning found that too much stuff is put away dirty.  Scouts need to be more responsible at campouts for managing this.  Discussion included that the Scouts will also be trained in the new sanitation method soon.   There are 4 extra coolers now available free from Troop.

5.  Advancement Committee – Jennifer Koskie reported the Advancement status.  The Troop is barely not top heavy with 22 Scouts under First class and 16 above First class (12 Life, 2 Star).    A lot of the boys have been sitting in the same position a long time.  Marc requests that all Committee members ask the Scouts how close they are to the next rank.   Jenifer will print out a report quarterly to give to the boys.  Since Merit Badge campout just occurred we will hold off on starting new merit badges until some have been completed.  Road to First Class update – Joe Mikkelson and Rick Koskie  will aim to get new boys through the Scout rank in time for the January COH.   Joe and Rick Koskie are taking this on and will form a plan.

6.  Report from PLC –   Stevie B. and Jack L. reported the PLC ideas for Dec troop meetings.  12/4 – planning for the Lock-In, Northern Tier meeting.  12/11 – still forming a large group activity/game, 12/18 –  Christmas party dice game, adults are also invited. 8-10 Scouts at PLC tonight.  

7.  Fundraising Committee – Jennifer reported that popcorn sold $7,825 by 13 Scouts, which was more than last year. Wreaths sold approximately $10,246  by 15 boys.

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier absent no report – Reminder that the Live Nativity is Saturday, December 22.  Please sign up online.

9.   Fun Night –  Will McMillon reported that bowling went well with 22-25 total bowlers

10.  Treasurer's Report – Deb reports via email that there are a lot of outdated accounts due to rechartering.  She will send out reports.

11.  Other - Troop Christmas Party - Yes, we need refreshments.  We only have three troop meetings in December and there will be no committee meeting in December.  There will be a new $50 Flicker account charge for our picture site.  The Committee thought this is worth the expense.  Joe M.  gave a plug for the Facebook page.

12.  Old Business –Roger reports that in April will be the 25th Anniversary of the Troop and wanted input for a tentative date to celebrate.  The aim is to get more alumni involved so combining it with the August picnic was decided.  The subcommittee is Roger, Clint, Jim Grisim and Joe. 

 13.  New Business -none