April 24



1. Scott welcomed everyone and started the meeting with the Eagle project reviews.

2.  a. Kyle M presented his Eagle Project proposal of making a Little Library for the forest Lake Beach in coordination with the Police department to have community connections.  Kyle answered questions from committee members and will take into consideration the requests given.  The committee approved the proposal and Kyle will present to the district next week.   

2.  b. Adam B presented his Eagle Project proposal of making a bench for a park area outside a non-profit medical clinic.  Adam answered questions from committee members and will take into consideration the requests given.  The committee approved the proposal and will present to the district next week.   

3.  Scoutmaster Report -  Marc Johannson PLC is setting up a reminder circle for patrol communication.  

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist reported that the Family Campout was canceled due to snow.   The extra food was donated or frozen for Tomahawk.  Troop was able to get our camp fee refunded.   The Zip Line Campout is May 18-20.  Camping is at Beaver Valley campground, start time moved to noon which will work out fine.  The Hiking Campout is June 22-24 at Afton with 3 smaller sites ~18 people.   Tomahawk is July 14-21; most preparations have to be completed by June 1st.  Tomahawk parent night will be private for the few families that are new.  The bear talk can be done later.  This years family dinner theme will be Chinese New Year.  June 26 is the swim test at the Maplewood CC.  Sheila Thom reported that all is going well for Sea Base planning.  There was a planning meeting in April.  Adult leaders are doing a good job with their planning duties.  2019 High Adventure website is updated with new information.  Commitment forms and Requirement document are made and will be down loaded.  Marc will be staffing at the World Jamboree.  There is an opportunity with a Venture crew to participate together.  Beverly, Venture Crew Leader, will be invited to come to the May 22nd meeting to promote the World Jamboree.   Quartermaster - Jim reported the camp lights are being looked at.  License tabs are current.


5.  Advancement Committee – Jennifer reported that there has not been really any change in advancement status: 1 new Scouts, 1 Scout, 2 Tenderfoot, 1 2nd Class, 9  1st Class, 6 Star 11 Life.  Ken Hall reported that the merit badge offering will be Forestry or Nature this month.  Several other merit badges need to be finished.  Joe reported no big changes in RTFC; there is slow and steady progress being made.  Road to Life no report.

6.  Report from PLC - Jack reported the troop meetings will have monthly themes.  Jack presented May’s months activities including Buckthorn removal at Tamarack 5/8 with Pack 437 at 6:30pm, campout planning 5/1, Heritage Park clean up 5/15, TBD 5/22.  Jack suggested having the Forestry or Nature Merit Badge for the whole month.  Committee discussed what information needs to be communicated to the troop for the upcoming meetings.       

7. Fundraising Committee - Flower Sales - Molly Barth reported that older scout volunteers will be needed for flower delivery for May 12th.   All is set with order.  Molly will email out pick up times.  Manitou 15K is Sat June 2.  Patty Brown reports that she got the special use permit.  Need 2 more thermos, card tables, etc… she will make a list to put online.  Fundraising forms are being accepted.   Composting is October 27th.  

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier reports that the Heritage Park Clean-Up is rescheduled for May 15th.  Scouting for Food is Sat May 5 meet at Polar Park 9:00. 

9.    Due to church conflicts we will be having the Troop picnic on August 14 and a Troop Fun night on Nov 6                                                                                                                   


10.   Treasurer's Report - Deb reports all is good.


11.  Other - Patty reported that the troop made our Friends of Scouting goal receiving $5618 donations.  Scott reviewed the proposed campouts the scouts decided on at Planning weekend.  The Committee fitted each campout into the calendar.  Scott and Eric will update the website calendar with the new campout information.

12.  Old Business- none    

13.  New Business –The District dinner is May 9th with several members getting awards.  It is at Faith Lutheran church $10 scout, $15 adult.  Committee approved financial support for adult leaders that want to pursue Wood Badge training.