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Our troop offers assistance to Scouts for whom the cost of attending campouts represents a financial hardship.  They're called Camperships, and our troop will help pay for attendance at weekend campouts and Tomahawk for needy Scouts.

Who is Eligible?
The recipient of the Campership funds should be active in the troop and make their best effort to fund their Scouting activities by participating in troop fundraising activities to the best of their ability.

Camperships are requested from and approved by the Committee Chair confidentially.  All discussions regarding requests for funds shall remain confidential, with only the Committee Chair and Treasurer involved.

How to Apply
Each request for Campership funds shall be considered on an individual basis. The Committee Chair and Treasurer may request, or work with the parent or guardian, on a plan to participate in fundraising to defray the cost of the event that they are seeking funds for. If a short-term event occurs just prior to the need for funds, the Committee Chair may waive this requirement (examples would be, death in family, loss of wage earners job, accident, house fire, etc.).

Week-Long Campouts
For fund requests for National High Adventure Camps or summer camp (Tomahawk) the recipient must apply to the High Adventure camp or Northern Star Council for Campership funds prior to receiving troop Campership funds.  These applications are due by May 31.

Applicants for a Troop 494 Campership for Tomahawk must also complete our “Tomahawk Campership Application” on our troop website and submit it to the Committee Chair by May 31

See full details about Camperships in our Troop Guidelines