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Electronics Campout

Who: All Scouts are welcome and Encouraged to attend

What:  Outdoor Activities and Electronics campout!!

When: January 11th - 13th

Where:  Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp Houlton, WI (Peterson 2 Cabin)

Why: To Have Fun of course!

Cost: $30/Scout and $20/Adult

Departure: Otter Lake Elem. School on Friday, January 11th at 6:00pm. Eat supper before arriving.

Returning: Sunday around 10 am. Scouts will be dropped off at their homes.

Sign-up: Sign-up online or on sign up sheet will be at the troop meetings. No shows and cancellations after November 7th will be charged $30.

We will be allowing the boys to play video games, board games or card games. Some activities will be outside, so be prepared!

We will be staying in the Peterson 2 cabin for our Electronics campout!

Scouts should bring: 

ELECTRONICS, board games, or card games!!

2 Complete changes of clothes and extra socks, 2 underwear, 2 pair pants 

Sweatshirt AND Jacket, Gloves/Mittens, Hat and Scarf

Sleeping clothes, Sleeping bag, Pillow

Scout book, Flashlight, Pocketknife

Mess kit, cup, knife, fork and spoon (plastic recommended)

Water bottle – squeeze-type

Backpack or duffel bag

Plastic bag for wet clothes

Boots for outside

Shoes or Slippers for inside the cabins

Smellables (personal hygiene):


Soap and washcloth

Personal medication

Wear Class A uniform with a Class B underneath for traveling

Check the weather and pack accordingly.

Any Questions? Ask us at the troop meeting, or call Laura or Steve Kringle @ 651-528-9421 (Laura) or 651-528-9422 (Steve)   

Those are cell phones so texting is ok. Also email to

Eric Bergquist,
Oct 27, 2017, 6:59 PM