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Area Wide Ripley Rendezvous MAY2019

Who: All Scouts are welcome and Encouraged to attend

Click the hyperlink to see further details & images and to find other hyperlinks regarding Saturday night’s entertainment!!!

What:  Camping on the US Army Base Camp Ripley!  With incredible interactive military demonstrations, hands on experiences with gear, survival tactics, fishing, outdoor skills, obstacle course and Saturday’s evening entertainment.

 Jared Sherlock—Comic Magician and Illusionist, Tuey—Comic Stunt Juggler, and Musical Acts!

When:  The Weekend of Fri-Sun May 17th - 19th

Where:  Camp Ripley 15000 Highway 115 Little Falls, MN 56345  (about 2 hours away)

Why:  To Have A Blast—Why not?!!

Cost: $75 Adults and Scouts Cost includes the program you select to participate in, food, fuel and Troop Camping Fee

Saturday’s Lunch is provided by Camp Ripley-They are unable to accommodate special diets FYI please let me know directly if this needs to be considered for you. 

Departure: Otter Lake Elem. School on Friday, May 17th at 5:30pm. Eat supper before arriving. Convoy would like to depart No Later Than 5:45pm. 2 hours and 15 minutes of road time without stops.

Returning: Sunday around noon. Scouts will be dropped off at their homes.

Sign-up: Sign-up online or on sign up sheet will be at the troop meetings. Troop 494 sign-up deadline is the Tuesday 26th March Meeting. After that, the price goes up $10 on April 1st. No shows and cancellations after MAY 8th will be charged $75.

    There are 3 age sensitive events that you may choose to participate in and you may only choose 1.

  Action Center (Age 10+)  ~EMS Interactive Demo, ~DNR & State Patrol Demos, ~Hands On Activites and Displays, ~Military Equipment, ~Outdoor Skills Training, ~Pro Fishing Celebrities, ~Rocket Launching

  Adventure program (Age 12+)  ~Historical Firearms Demo, ~Hunting & Fishing Instructionals, ~Military Displays & Intactions, ~North Range Shooting Sports, ~Rocket Launching, ~Tomahawk Throw, ~Voyageurs Re-enactment Group

 Extreme Program (Age 14+)  ~Biathlon Course, ~Climbing & Rappelling, ~EMS Interactivqe Demos, ~Military Displays & Interactions, ~Obstacle Course, ~Orienteering Course, ~Team Challenges

Scouts should bring: 

2 Complete changes of clothes and extra socks, 2 underwear, 2 pair pants 

Sweatshirt AND Jacket, Gloves/Mittens, Hat and Scarf (Be Prepared—MN Weather and 2 hours North)

Sleeping clothes, Sleeping bag, Pillow

Scout book, Flashlight, Pocketknife

Mess kit, cup, knife, fork and spoon (plastic recommended)

Water bottle – squeeze-type

Backpack or duffel bag

Plastic bag for wet clothes

Boots for outside, Tennis or Running Shoes Weather permitting. (Obstacle Course)

Smellables (personal hygiene):


Soap and washcloth

Personal medication

Wear FULL Class A uniform (No Sash but Neckerchief & Slide) with a Class B underneath for traveling

Check the weather and pack accordingly.

Any Questions? Ask us at the troop meeting, or call Laura or Steve Kringle @ 651-528-9421 (Laura) or 651-528-9422 (Steve)   

Those are cell phones so texting is ok. Also email to