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Northern Tier 2020


Scouts pick from one of the two bases


Ely, MN Base

The flagship base of Northern Tier, the Charles L Sommers Canoe Base has hosted Boy Scout Canoe Expeditions on the shores of Moose Lake since 1941. Located twenty miles, outside of the town of Ely, MN, the Sommers Base outfits over 4,000 scouts each year on wilderness canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)

 of Minnesota and the Quetico Provincial Park
 of Ontario. Trips out of the Sommers base are limited to the size of 8 participants plus an Interpreter.


Atikokan, Canada Base

Located an 80-mile paddle North of the Sommers base, the Donald Rogert ("Atikokan") Canoe Base outfits 1500 scouts each year for expeditions into the Northern regions of the Quetico Provincial Park

 as well as into the Canadian Crown Lands, including the Turtle River - White Otter Lake Provincial Park. The Quetico is a gorgeous and pure wilderness, with traces of human travel; the Crown Lands region features the remains of a used wilderness - trappers cabins, age-old gold mines and even the remains of a World War II Prisoner of War camp can be found amidst the beautiful wilds of the Canadian Shield (a vast geological shield covered by a thin layer of soil). Crew sizes may be up to 11 participants plus an Interpreter if travelling in the Crown Land and 8 participants plus an interpreter if traveling in the Quetico.


Dates: TBD by lottery system but is typically the 1or 2nd week of August 2020, 6 nights/7 days – trips depart daily.


Crew size: min. 6 people - 8 max Ely, 11 max Atikokan per crew; minimum of 2 registered adults/crew.

Age requirement: All participants must be age 14 by the time they arrive at Northern Tier OR have graduated from the 8th grade and be age 13 by the time they arrive.

New Weight Requirement:  min 100 lbs- max 295lbs.  See Appendix D in Northern Tier Planning Guide.


Adults participating on trip along with scout parents will be coordinating the trip process with Northern Tier (High Adventure Coordinator role) and organizing the planning sessions for the crew(s).  Main adult contact person needs to be decided by Dec. 18th


If two adults are not committed to trip with Commitment Letters, the troop will forego the lottery. 


CAMP COST: $740-810/person depending on base camp and size crew

Northern Tier Payment Schedule (does not include travel expenses):

  • $100 deposit at time of commitment Dec or before (must be paid by check or from a scout bucks account with a positive balance)
  • September 17th,  2019 – first half of remaining fee $320-355 (depending on crew size)
  • April 21sth, 2020 – remainder of fee $320-355 (depending on crew size)
Ken Hall,
Oct 13, 2018, 4:11 PM
Ken Hall,
Oct 13, 2018, 4:11 PM