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Zipline Campout

Who:  Registered Scouts and Scouters

What:  Zip lining and Outdoor Activities              

Where:  Trollhaugen, 2232 100th Ave. Dresser, WI 54009

               We will be Camping in tents at Beaver Valley Camp near Osceola, WI

When:  May 18th - 20th, 2018

                Departure: Otter Lake Elem. School on Friday, May 18th at 6:00pm. Eat supper before arriving.

                Returning: Sunday around 12pm. Boy Scouts attending solo will be dropped off at their home.

 Why:     To have fun Climbing and Flying through the trees and camping with your scout friends, of course!!

Sign-Up:  By Tuesday, May 1st.

Cost:      $65 per Scout,  $65 per Adult or $15 per Adult not Zip Lining, to sign up for camping only add "not Zip Lining" to notes section of sign up sheet.

We will be go to the Aerial Adventure Park at Trollhaugen Ski Resort.

Trollhaugen's Aerial Challenge Course (TACC), provides the thrill of playing on a giant, floating playground. (Think Ewok Village meets Ninja Warrior). It's like climbing trees, hanging from tires, and swinging on ropes just like when you were a kid, on a far bigger scale and creative environment, with the backup support of world-class safety equipment. The TACC is a SELF-GUIDED ADVENTURE - a challenge by choice experience.

The TACC consists of over 100 platforms installed on giant wood poles and connected by various configurations of cable, wood, rope, and zip lines to form bridges and is located adjacent to the Trollhaugen Tubing Hill in a wooded area

The TACC is an extremely fun experience offering 6 different courses and 4 levels of difficulty [Yellow| Green | Blue | Black] - so everyone can enjoy a challenging outdoor adventure. The TACC is all about active participation, there are no motorized rides in this park!

As you progress through the TACC, the bridges become less stable under your feet requiring more balance, agility, focus, and strength. However, your time at TACC does not have to be a heart-pounding activity, and you do not have to be a body builder to make it though the course. Ages 7 through teens, adults and seniors will find their comfort zone and can seek greater challenges if they wish. There is not a correct way of crossing the bridges, we leave it up to you to figure out the most efficient or challenging way of getting from platform to platform.

Adventures last 3-4 hours, including gear-up & ground school

The aerial challenge course is an extremely fun experience offering 7 different circuits and 5 levels of difficulty

See links for additional information

Challenge Course at Trollhaugen     Trollhaugen Aerial Adventure Park 

To participate you must

  • Weigh under 270 pounds
  • Wear close toed shoes
  • Be part of our Reservation

Scouts should bring:  

Complete change of clothes and extra socks        

2 underwear, 2 pair pants, 2 shirts, Sweatshirt and/or jacket 

Hat/Gloves, Closed toe shoes – for zip lining

Sleeping clothes, Rain Gear

Sleeping bag, Pillow, Sleeping pad

Flashlight, Mess kit, cup, knife, fork and spoon (plastic recommended)

Water bottle, Backpack or duffle bag

Plastic bag for wet clothes

Smellables (personal hygiene):


Soap and washcloth

Personal medication

Wear Class A uniform with a Class B underneath for traveling

Check the weather forecast to see how cold it might get and pack accordingly.

If you have any questions, ask us at the troop meeting, or emaill Eric Bergquist at