August 30, 2005

1.  June Minutes approved.


2.  PLC report—2006 High Adventure idea is Isle Royale .  Options for Nov. campouts discussed.


3.  Eagle project reviews:  Derek B.'s approved and Will N.’s project concept was approved—he will obtain signature from Mahtomedi.


4.  No treasurer’s report


5.  Quartermaster Report—Leak fixed in small trailer.  Saws are now hanging in the inside of back doors.


6.  Camping—OA campout 9-9-05 and they are looking for scouts to help with the OA ceremony.  9-16 is the Namakagon, 9-30 is the Backpacking trip.  Oct 14 is the Fall Camporee.  November tbd.  December 5th is the Lock-in.


7.  Scoutmaster report-none


8. Training—Outdoor Leader Skills—Part II 9/10/05 at FCA or 10/15/05 at FCA  also Part I--11/05/05 at PSR or 11/19/05 at PSR.  Each session is 8am-5pm.  Cost is $10.00 each session and you can register on line at


9.  Popcorn and wreath sales beginning.  Dan Sanville will be in charge of Popcorn and Scott Holisky is in charge of wreaths.


10.  An advancement committee is forming to follow scouts on their advancement.  At this point members include:  Mike Davis, Carla Nielsen, and Bill Johnson