December 27, 2005

1.  Approve November Minutes

Motion was made to approve the Nov. minutes.  Minutes approved with the correction made that we need to decide if we are attending 1 or 2 weeks at Tomahawk BY April 2006.  This decision needs to be made at the March 2006 Committee meeting.

 2.  Report from PLC

The PLC has decided to have the ski trip at Trollhaugen on the weekend of 2-4-06.  For those not attending the ski trip, the District Klondike is Sat. 2-4-06.  They are also looking to have a fun night tubing, possibly at Green Acres.

 3.  Eagle Project Review

Will Nielsen presented his Eagle Project and was approved pending signatures and to check if building permit required.

 4.  Finance Report

No treasurer’s report this month.  FOS states that including employee matching pledges, we are at $2050.00.  Our base goal is $4,600.  Bill Johnson is following up with families that he has not yet heard from. 

We had 28 scouts selling 649 wreaths totaling $10,000 is sales.  From this total, profit to scout bucks is $4,000.There were 14 scouts selling popcorn.  Total sales were $2841 and profit to scout bucks was $994.00.

 5.  Quartermaster Report--Status quo.  Nothing new.

 6.  Camping Report

Tom has not heard anything yet for Philmont 2007.  Upcoming campouts are as follows:  January—Spearhead/Snow huskies,  February—Ski trip,  March—JLT,  April—Basic Skills,  May—White water rafting,  June—Bike trip, July—Tomahawk,  Aug—High adventure and Philippo, 

A suggestion for a Merit Badge Day in the fall is being looked at.

 7.  Scoutmaster Report—none

 8.  Comments—look at restructuring patrols after rechartering.