February 22, 2005

  1. Welcome - Jan. minutes approved

  2. Report from PLC - unavailable

  3. Treasurer's report - We have $4,187.32 in the troop fund and $5,986.80 in Scout Bucks.  We received a donation of $775 from Medtronic. 
    FOS - We met the stretch on base goal $5,299.

  4. Camping Report - March will be the planning meeting for next year at Kiwanis.  Plans for upcoming campouts - April - Basic Skills, May - early Phillippo and later White Water Rafting, June - cycling, July - Tomahawk, August - Boundary Waters.  There are problems with mice in the trailer.  We should start thinking about replacing tents.  We might want to review our High Adventure equipment and make the necessary repairs and/or replacements.  There is a conflict with Scouting for Food and Basic Skills Camp.  We will attempt to do both events.

  5. Scoutmaster Report - We have 3 Scouts currently working on Eagle.  New Scouts will be starting the second Tuesday of March and we will need to have packets prepared for them.

  6. Manitou 15K - We have updated the information on-line.  We have started to ask for donations.  Scouts interested in designing shirts should sign up on Dennis Doffing's sign up list.

  7. Discussion:
    - Flower Sales - We will continue to use White Bear.  Gertens was not any cheaper.  Vicki DeGayner will organize the sale.
    - There was a discussion of nominating Scouts for the Star of the Future. 
    - We are still looking into St. Mary's as a meeting place, but no decision has been made.
    - There was a discussion as to whether fliers for campouts and Marketfest fliers should be included in the packets for Scouts.  No formal decision was made.