June 28, 2005

1.    Approve May Minutes

Motion was made to approve the May minutes.


2.    Report from PLC - Derek B.

We will have red/black tee shirts for Tomahawk this year.  Attendance has been going up the last few weeks at PLC.  We are recommitting to PLC and planning activities. 


3.    Finance - Carla Nielsen

Flower Sales - rough estimate $7000 profit in Scout Bucks

Manitou 15K - $56.83 per Scout


4.  Tomahawk planning update

Need an extra vehicle to pull the trailer - Ken will arrange this.  Equipment - 4 propane cylinders filled.  Both trailers have been straightened up and have new tires.  The patrol boxes have been scrubbed.  What about cool down shelves?  There is a question about the licenses on the trailers.  Someone will look into this. 


First week - 29 Scouts

Second week - 32 Scouts

Most of the health forms are done.  We will make phone calls to parents who haven't provided them.  Next Tuesday the Scoutmaster will talk about bears to the first year parents.  Diane will call those scouts who haven't completed their merit badge cards.  We need 9 tables and 3 tarps for our campsite.  Anyone who didn't make it for the swimming test may take it a Ken Rowe's house tomorrow night at 6:30.


The Wednesday night meal:  Dan R. is planning week 1 with help from other scouts.  Last year we hit 100 people.  A budget of $250 was tentatively set.  Those Scouts who are staying for both weeks will need to bring money for a meal, laundry, and bowling. 


5.    Camping - Tom DeGayner

The bike trip to Duluth went well even though it was 100 degrees the first day for the 50 miler.  There is a campout at Phillippo in Aug. with the use of the swimming pool.  We haven't made reservations for canoeing the Namekagon yet. 


6.  Quartermaster

Rick Rausch is our new quartermaster.  Welcome Rick we're glad you've agreed to help.


7.    Scoutmaster Report - Ken Rowe

Two Scoutmaster conferences for Eagle were held.  Additional paperwork from other Eagles is coming in.  We have about a half dozen scouts working on Eagles. 


8.    Discussion about working with Autism Troop

The committee felt that working with the Autism Troop approximately two to four times a year would be beneficial for both groups as long as proper supervision is provided.  We would want to educate our scouts before inviting the other troop. 


9.    Closing/comments - meeting was adjourned