March 22, 2005

Welcome—February minutes approved.  The recharter status thus far is as follows:  53 scouts, 40 adults rechartered in March.  We have had 13 new scouts and 2 adults now added to that.


Report from PLC—none


Treasurer’s Report—we have total of $9217.00 in scout buck accounts and $3804 in troop fund account.


Merit Badge update—Greg Olson informed us there are merit badge requirement updates, check merit for updates.


Camping Report—Basic skills campout is set for 4/15-4/17, May 6th has been cancelled and merged to the 5/26 white water rafting campout.  June will be a bike trip to Duluth .  July is Tomahawk.


Scoutmaster’s report—There are currently 23 scouts signed up for week 1 of Tomahawk and the same on week 2 (15 of these scouts are signed up for both weeks).  Fee for adults was discussed and may be $7.00.  JLC training is April 9th.  Silver pathfinders was discussed and will possibly send 2 scouts.


Scouting for food—Sat April 23 as well is cemetery clean up.  Heritage Park Clean up is set for 4/4 at 10am.


Adult leader training—Youth protection to be done on-line and to let Angie know when done.  Safety Afloat/Safe swim defense is being offered before Roundtable (6:30p) on April 7th.


Meeting location for St Mary’s looks like a go.


Court of Honor is set for May 24th.