May 31, 2005

1.    Approve April Minutes

Motion was made to approve the April minutes.


2.    Report from PLC - Derek B.

We are looking at a standard tee for Tomahawk, maybe red based with a black logo.

Attendance at PLC meetings has been low.  We will try using the calling tree.


3.    Finance - Carla Nielsen

$13,931 in account, $7,878 Scout Bucks, $6,052 Troop


4.    Quartermater Report

The trailer needed new brakes, bearings, brake fluid.  The roof is leaking and there is a tire problem.  There was a motion to get a new set of tires and to try to get them for $600 or under.  This motion was seconded, then passed unanimously.  Mike Davis will get the tires.  In June/July an inventory of the trailer needs to be done before Tomahawk.  Ken Rowe will drive the trailer to Tomahawk.  The brakes need to be adjusted on the larger trailer


5.    Camping - Tom DeGayner

The Duluth Whitewater Rafting trip went well.  We might plan another trip like this next May.  We would like to register earlier so we can get a cheaper rate and possibly cheaper sleeping accommodations.  The Duluth Aquarium was interesting, but we probably only want to visit it every 3 years.


The bike trip from Hugo to Duluth in 4 days is scheduled.  There are 18 scouts and 4 adults going.  We might have more.  We need people to volunteer to get everyone to Hugo and then home from Duluth.  Tom is concerned that there won't be enough vehicles to transfer everyone home from Duluth.


Derek should talk to PLC about a camping trip to Phillippo in August, maybe the 19-21 and see if there is interest.  A lock-in will be scheduled for Dec. 10th (3rd or 16th alternates) at Shoreview Community Center.  We will need a minimal deposit to secure it.


High Adventure for next year?  Alaska costs $3900 per person, too expensive.  We are 187th for Philmont, so we probably will not get selected.  Other options include Glacier, Isle Royal, SeaBase, maybe rafting in Colorado.  Derek will discuss this with PLC and Tom will do additional research.


6.    Tomahawk planning updates - Diane Holisky/Martina Grove

Cost will be $225 per week, $250 for first years.  We need to set a swim date.  Martina will check to see whether June 28th works.  We will have two Wednesdays meals so we may not want to be too elaborate.  Derek should ask PLC whether they are interested in having tacos.  A parent meeting should be scheduled, maybe during the Court of Honor.  Diane will talk to Scouts/parents about health forms.


7.    Scoutmaster Report - Ken Rowe

We participated in the OA cook-off at Roundtable - Dan Rosene was in charge of our Troop and he did a good job.  The OA kickoff at Phillippo is coming up.  We have some scouts who are just finishing up paperwork on their Eagles.


8.    Court of Honor - Angie Bisping

The cafeteria at St. John's would cost us $240.  The committee felt that this was too much.  We will attempt to negotiate the price, otherwise we'll use our normal space.


9.    Closing/comments - meeting was adjourned