November 29, 2005

1.  Approve Oct. Minutes

Motion was made to approve the Oct. minutes.  Minutes approved with the addition that it was unanimously voted to start meeting at St. John's next year. 

2.  Representative St. John's

Tues. work well for us to meet at St. John's.  Selected members will be given the code combination so that we can get in and turn off the alarm.  They are happy to have us back.  They will have service opportunities for us. 

3Report from PLC 

Dec. 10th is the lock-in at Maplewood.  Dec. 20th will be a fun nite at Grand Slam.  We are planning a snowboard/skiing trip at Trollhaugen or Afton in Feb. 

4.  Eagle Project Presentation

Dan R. Presented his Eagle project.  He is making Osprey nesting boxes, using a new design.  The project was approved, but Dan was warned to make sure he had permission from all parties involved to use the suggested site, and there were some corrections that needed to be completed before the presentation at the Roundtable.  Dan will bring these changes to Angie Bisping. 

5.  T-shirt Presentation

Dennis Doffing has found an alternative to our normal cotton t-shirts.  The poly shirts (which would wick off water) would be slightly higher than the cotton shirts, but more useful for camping.  Dennis will also check into the price of water bottles.   

6.  Treasurer's Report

We are doing well.  The checkbook has not been updated.  Shoreview will cost $436 which includes a $100 damage deposit.

FOS - Our goal is $7002.  He has received 7 or 8 pledges.  Please hand in checks.

7.  Quartermaster's Report

We will need adjustment on the brakes of the trailer.  Everything else is in order. 

8. Camping Report

We are planning to attend Spearhead in Jan.  We are planning a skiing trip in Feb..  Maybe we should plan a bike trip to the Lanesboro area.  We have reservations for Tomahawk for 2 weeks.  In April, we will need to decide if we are attending one week or two.

9. Scoutmaster's Report

A letter to parents should be sent out discussing the changing of the meeting place.  We will begin meeting at St. John's in January.  Maybe we can have a parent meeting then.  We might be able to make it a social event.

10.  Open Discussion/Closing

There is a new council patch.  Should we purchase these for the adults?  Do we need to increase fees because we now need to pay for merit badges?  We will discuss this next meeting.  There was a discussion about the electronics policy.  It was decided that a new line should be added to Troop 494 rules, allowing PLC to allow electronics for campouts with the permission of the scoutmaster.