October 25, 2005

1.  Approve Sept. Minutes

Motion was made to approve the Sept. minutes with the addition of the following items: Mike Davis will ask Doug Fladaboe (not Dave F.) about the decals on the Troop 494 small trailer.  We approved buying action packers for storage to prevent mice.

2.  Report from PLC 

There is a list being developed for Nov/Dec. for activities for the troop meetings.  On Nov. 22 we will have a fun night at White Bear Bowl.  We are planning a fun night at Grand Slam.  PLC is concerned about the lack of attendance at Heritage Park.  We maybe should have made more of an effort to advertise it.  We should try to use the calling tree more.  We will have weekly announcement sheets at meetings and will also email parents about community service events.  The PLC needs to take time to talk to kids about attending meetings/community service events.

3.  Eagle Presentation

Mike D. presented a project to convert cupboards into shelves for displaying trophies in the WBL Band Room.  The project was approved with some minor revisions.

4.  FOS 

There will not be a Troop Presentation this year.  Rather, we will be sent cards and asked to make donations. 

5.  Treasurer's Report

$9824.33 checking/savings

$4604.10 scout bucks

$750 donation from Medtronic

6.  Quartermaster

The trailers are getting cleaned up.  There are a number of tents with broken zippers.  We'll check into getting them repaired at Harold's Shoe Repair.  They gave a general cost of $25 for removal/replacement.  We authorized the quartermaster to take a tent down, have it repaired and see what type of job they do.  We had purchased globes that didn't fit lanterns, the receipt should be with Carla and we will try to return them.  We have some small t-shirts in.  It cost $26.00 to but the Action Packers.  The merit

7. Camping Report

We need to check in to having someone licensed in food service abailable for the lock-in so we can use the kitchen.  We need to find out what the cost is. 

Philmont 2007 registration - should we apply for 12 crews?

Jr. Leader Training - March - will try Valley View Lodge, March 4th.  We could also look at Gander Mountain in Forest Lake.

There was a discussion on fuel reimbursement which we tabled until the next meeting.

8. Scoutmaster Report

Mr. Rowe has been working with the PLC on activities, and merit badges.


9.  Meeting Adjourned