September 27, 2005

1.  Approve August Minutes

Motion was made to approve the August minutes with the addition of the following items:  Tom D. made a proposal for mileage reimbursement and the Advancement Committee members not listed should include Roger S., Ken R., and John D.

2.  Report from PLC - Derek B.  

The PLC has sent out an interest sheet for High Adventure trips for 2006.  Nov. campout is scheduled to be at Morin's farm.  The Heritage Park Clean-up will be 10/8/05 at 10:00 a.m.

3.  Finance - Carla Nielsen  

Report is now in a balance sheet/troop expenses.  We bought fiberglass handles.  Scout Bucks accounts are accurate and there are people who still owe money.

4.  Eagle Scout Presentation

Jason B. completed his Eagle presentation which was approved by the committee.  Jason will need to present his project to the roundtable in Oct.

5.  Camping - Tom D. 

There is a backpacking trip this weekend.  We invited the pack to the Fall Camporee.  We need more adults and better Scout representation from the troop.  We will go to Morin's farm in Nov.  There will be a lock-in with the pack on Dec 22nd.

6.  Quartermaster  

We discussed buying additional action packers for storage to prevent mice from getting into supplies.  They cost approximately $20/25 each.  No decision was made.  We discussed putting decals on the Troop 494 small trailer.  Mike D. will ask Dave F. whether they might be donated by 3M.  We also might list the troop's Eagle Scouts on the trailer.

7.  Scoutmaster Report - Ken R.

No report.

8. Community Service  

We should decide whether we are going to rake for any White Bear Lake residents.  We discussed asking the church about community service projects.

9. Closing/comments - meeting was adjourned

Scouts can't drive Scouts to camp.  They may drive them to meetings with parent permission.