April 25, 2006

1.  Approve March Minutes

Motion was made to approve the March minutes.


2.   Report from PLC —Jason Bisping

Patrols are making a flag.  The design and materials should be submitted to Tom. (He has 3/4 of them now). There are still troop positions available (historian, quartermaster, patrol leader). Next Tuesday’s meeting will be a fun night at White Bear Bowl. The calling tree will he used to remind Scouts about Scouting for Food.


3.    Scoutmaster Report — Tom DeGayner

The campout this weekend went reasonably well. We need to discuss menu planning and address the issue of pop at campouts.  The question ‘how do you plan a meal, what’s appropriate?’ should be discussed. We also need to refresh Scouts’ memories as to duty rosters. We implemented roses/thorns at the campfires. Assistant Scoutmasters will be assigned to patrols to assist the boys.



We are scheduled for two weeks at Tomahawk. The first week will either be for boys who want to attend for two weeks or for boys that cannot attend the second week. The second week should be the major week. Mr. Rowe will he Scoutmaster the first week and Mr. DeGayner the second.  Next year there may be a lottery for Tomahawk. We may want to attend another camp if we can not obtain Mohawk, possibly in South Dakota or on the St. Croix River.


The PLC is working on making the troop meetings more interesting. They are trying

to provide more activities that are relevant and fun. The District Dinner is this

Thursday, and Eagle Scouts from 494 will he honored as well as Star of the Future



We have 2 crews going to Philmont and Isle Royal and our high adventure equipment is insufficient.  A list has been assembled to purchase which includes buckets, stoves, and filters. The estimated cost is $400-$500. We do have some additional money available. The committee voted to buy additional materials after checking with scouting families to determine if any of the equipment could he borrowed.


4. Camping — Tom DeGayner

Whitewater Rafting trip is scheduled for May. We have a Fishing trip scheduled in early June. The Sparta Elroy bike trip is scheduled for late June.


5.  Treasurer’s Report — Ken Rowe

We received a matching grant and made our base goal for FOS. We may make our stretch goal if we receive additional matching funds. We have some outstanding checks out yet.



6.      Quartermaster Report — Rick Rausch,

We don’t require committee approval for general maintenance of equipment.

Committee approved spending funds on equipment for high adventure.


7. Manitou l5K -- Keith Nelson

Registration is trickling in. We have one sponsor, but will have a lot more. We are pricing shirts, and Randy Fulton will make a bid. We will have fewer shirts then last year as we had too many shirts left over.


8.       Community Service — Martina Grove

Cemetery Cleanup and Scouting for food are coming up. We have an opportunity to provide box lunches to a Hunting Dog Event. We would need a minimum commitment on Sat /Sun of 4-5 people to drive/deliver the meals.


9.      Comments/Closing — Angie Bisping

Flowers – May 7 at 9:00 need volunteers to sort.


Meeting adjourned.