August 29, 2006

1.  Approve May Minutes

Motion was made to approve the June minutes noting that Rick Rausch and Carla Nielsen’s names were spelled wrong.


2. Tomahawk Recap

Thanks to Martina Grove and Diane Holisky for organizing Tomahawk for us! They will help again next year (because they are awesome!)  We were overcharged $96.00, which Tomahawk reimbursed to us. We are signed up for two weeks next year. We just put a deposit down for the second week, so we will be able to negotiate the payment if we decide we don’t need two weeks. We discussed whether we should offer two weeks for only 9 Scouts. No formal decision was made. We will renew this conversation at a later date. In May 2007, we will have to reserve our site for 2008 or else risk losing our reservation.


We discussed having merit badge sign-up earlier. We also discussed screening the merit badges to make sure Scouts were not scheduled into too many or too difficult merit badges, and so we can encourage those Scouts who am taking minimum merit badges to become more involved. We would like to have new Scouts finish the first aid requirements before Tomahawk.


3. Quartermaster — Rick Rausch

They (Jay and Rick) have been busy organizing and cleaning out the trailer. Some of the silverware needs to be thrown out and replaced.  We discussed having Scouts clean out the trailer at the scout meeting after a campout. Although his wouldn’t always work, it was agreed we should try to implement this policy.


4. Community Service—Carla Nielsen

The nature center will need help trimming, pruning, arid digging up buckthorn. The Pine Tree 5K is coming up, we need about 20 Scouts and 10 adults. The Scouts did a good job helping serve the lunch. Please see below for on explanation on how to organize the event. There is a conflict with the Fire Department 5K.  Most of our Scouts will be at Namekagon. They are requesting 10 Scouts.


Out to Lunch Service Project Notes

Generally held the last Saturday of the month

8:30- 9:30 — 4 boys to set up nine tables. including tablecloths, silverware, plates, glasses, salt and pepper, cream, sugar

10:30-1:00— up to 20 boys to:

Greet guests, Serve drinks,   Sit with guests and visit, Serve dessert, continue to serve drinks, clear tables, wash dishes, replace dishes in cupboards, remove tablecloths, mop kitchen floor

Wear Class A with Class B underneath


5. Scoutmaster – Tom DeGayner

We are tentatively scheduled to go to Ripley in October.  On Sept. 22, we have both the OA Fall Conclave and the campout in Duluth.  Six Scouts and two adults were called out to attend the Fall Conclave.  It was recommenced that they be reminded of the event.  In Nov., we have scheduled a Merit Badge Day to be held at Gwynn Center.  The lock-in at Shoreview Community Center is scheduled for Dec.  In Jan., we plan to go dog sledding, to Spearhead or skiing.  The Court of Honor is Sept. 19, Patrick C. will be MC’ing.


6.         Jason — PLC

The PLC is working to fill positions. Currently they are looking for a quartermaster.

Patrick has expressed an interest in being historian, as has Elias. (note from

Scoutmaster, we can use 2 to 4 historians to keep scrapbooks for the troop). The PLC

is planning a fun night for either Oct. or Nov. They have discussed Grand Slam.

Nov. 10 is Merit Badge Day.


7.            Additional comments

Chuck Berger sent information about Wild Hockey tickets. We have the following dates secured:

Oct. 5 Colorado Avalanche (opening night)

Dec. 1 Detroit Red Wings

Jan. 26 Calgary Flames

Felt. 10 Carolina Hurricanes

March 24 LA Kings

There are 27 tickets for the first and last games and 30 for the others.


8. Meeting was adjourned