December 19, 2006

1.  Welcome

There were 21 committee members present.  Approved the previous meeting's minutes with one change: High Adventure trip is June 24-31, not July.



2.  Report from the PLC

Jason B. reported that they have found a scribe and are still looking for 1-2 historians and 1-2 more troop guides.  They are trying to get everyone to first class so that they can hold a position.  Planning is being done for upcoming events, including a possible Eagle Cave campout, another lock in, and a June bike trip.



3.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner reported that he has received no response from Pack 529. 


There will be a Court of Honor on January 23, including a pot luck dinner.  Need someone to coordinate.  Pack 437 will be invited; Tim Willard to provide a count of people to expect.


Tom is working with Ken Rowe and John DeMay to update the boys’ records for camping activities.



4. Camping Report

Tom reported that the high adventure campout, sea kayaking around the Apostle Islands, is actually from July 24-31, not in June.  We are considering an Eagle Cave campout, but we need 3-4 adults and some different accommodations for them.  We are also planning a bike trip for June but will need to avoid conflicts with graduation parties.



5.  Quartermaster Report

Rick Rausch reported that he is working on a replacement for the boiler barrel.  A stainless steel version would cost $250.



6.  Treasurer Report

Ken Rowe presented the latest financial statement.  Rechartering fees will soon be deducted from Scout Bucks accounts.



7.  Fundraisers

Wreath and popcorn sales are complete.



8.  Community Service

We will be assisting Ryan Solberg on his Calvary project on January 16th and maybe 9th at the troop meetings.



9.  New Business

Tim Willard asked that the troop cook for Pack 437 at Polar Camp on Saturday night over the January 26-28 weekend at Phillipo.  We are also planning to attend their Blue and Gold on February 12.


Bill Johnson asked whether we should use the same vendor for flower sales, and the committee agreed we should.


Mike Davis asked that get list of the boys’ ranks, ages, and current leadership positions so that we can ensure the boys will not run out of time with their final ranks.  Roger and Tom to develop the lists.  Jason announced that we will begin tracking attendance again in January.


Roger and Tom presented the latest on our new fundraiser.  We will be packaging products on Thursday at Mike Cerney’s shop.  We will try to do 60 bags.



10.  Comments/Closing

Roger Scherping reported that rechartering is in progress.  Dues will be back to $25 this year.  Even if we don’t make our FOS goal, we will still be OK because last year we did make our FOS goal yet we charged $32 for dues.


The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 30.