February 28, 2006

1.  Approve Jan. Minutes

Motion was made to approve the Jan. minutes.  Minutes were approved.

 2.  Report from PLC

The calling tree appears to be more effective, but all patrol leaders need to utilize it.

 3.  Finance Report

Nothing has changed since January.  Scout bucks will be more updated with the new recharter.

 4.  Quartermaster Report

No report.

 5.  Scoutmaster Report

Ken looks forward to transitioning into new roles within the troop. 

 6.  Camping Report

The March 3rd-5th campout has been canceled.  Basic skills is scheduled for April 21-23.  The Webelos from pack 437 are invited to join us.  On the White water rafting trip, May 19th-21st, we will visit the museum, Hawks Ridge, or the railroad in Duluth.  On June 23-25th, we are planning a bike trip.  The tentative plan is to have it in Sparta, but this may change.  In the PLC meeting, they may plan to have a lock-in.

We did not make a formal decision about going two weeks to Tomahawk, although it was thought that there would be better adult participation with one week. 

 7.  Discussion

- Rotary Club program - March 22, 7:15a.m.  Breakfast at 7:15 a.m.  Chris R. and other scouts will talk about Troop 494 Scouts to the Rotary Club.
- New Scoutmaster and senior patrol leader - Tom DeGayner is the new scoutmaster.  Jason B. is the new Sr. Patrol Leader.
- Searching for a new committee chairperson
- Forming new patrols - The troop will be reorganized into new patrols.  The leader/officers applications for troop positions will be finalized by March 14th.  Patrol leaders will be elected by patrols.  Tentatively, we will have a planning meeting all day March 18th at possibly the city hall.
- Meeting March 14th - At the meeting on March 14th, the new scouts will be joining us (those who crossed over from Webelos).  We will have a dinner at 6:30, and a 15 minute video during dinner.  We will need a head count for dinner.  We can use the general format from last year.
We will have March packets for parents which will include the following information:  roster, troop survey, driver information, individual scout history, Scout Buck account, Web page/calendar, Troop position of adults, upcoming camping info., troop guidelines and flower sales (?).
- Neckerchiefs - We should check into ordering necherchiefs in orange as the Scout Store no longer stocks them in orange.
- Merit Badges - The merit badge schedule will be updated during the March planning meeting.  We should decide if we want to do a merit badge weekend in the fall.
- OA elections - The plan is to have the elections on March 7th.

 8.  Comments/Closing