June 27, 2006

1.     Approve May Minutes

Motion was made to approve the May minutes.


2.     Finance – Ken Rowe

We are still waiting for all the food reimbursement forms to come in.  The Scout Bucks have been updated and look good for Tomahawk. 


3.     Tomahawk planning update

Need an extra vehicle to pull the trailer- Ken will arrange this. 


Cost for adults is $75

$235 for Scouts, if attending 2nd week - $230

$260 for First-Year Scouts


First week –7 Scouts, 2 adults

Second week – 27 Scouts (possibly 30), 8 adults


Most of the health forms are done.  We will make phone calls to parents who haven’t provided them.  Next Tuesday the Scoutmaster will talk about bears to the first year parents. 


4.     Quartermaster – Rick Rausch

Rick will order the list of items tomorrow.  Cost=$465

We agreed to order the collapsible rickshaw for $200.


5.     Scoutmaster Report – Tom DeGayner

We went on the Sparta/Elroy Biking Trip.  The Scouts had a great time.  Four Scouts completed 64 miles, 1 Scout complete 25 miles, and the rest completed 50 miles.  The weather was good until Saturday evening.


6.     Community Service – Karla

The Relay for Life is July 28th 10 am  - 1 pm .  Habitat for Humanity is Aug. 14th, Aug. 21st, if anyone is interested.  The nature center loved us, and we can find more service projects through them.  On Sat., Aug. 26th, St John’s in the Wilderness is serving lunch and we need to provide help for the meal.  We need to start at 8:30 until 2:00 .


7.     Closing/comments

The email updates have been very helpful to families.  Thanks, Roger.  The merit badge counselor list needs to be updated on the Web home page.


We need individual who are willing to be merit badge counselors for Camping, Hiking, as Mr. DeGayner isn’t able to fulfill this role anymore.


8.      meeting was adjourned