May 30, 2006

1.     Approve April Minutes

Motion was made to approve the April minutes.


2.     Report from PLC –Jason B.

We are still finishing making flags for the patrols.  There are still positions available in the troop; historian/quartermaster.  Next Tuesday, the Court of Honor will start at 6:30 .  We will have cake and ice cream. 


3.     Scoutmaster Report/Camping – Tom DeGayner

Tom will be going to the Scout office tonight and asked if anything was needed.  The Scoutmaster has permission to sign advancement forms.  We will be ordering polyprothene for the bike trip.  We should consider this options for Tomahawk even if they are more expensive.  These t-shirts could be used as undershirts for Spearhead/Snow Huskies.  Tom has permission to spend money on postage for fliers from the PLC account without committee approval.


One of the Scouts contracted Lymes disease, possibly on the trip to Duluth .  All Scouts should check for any signs.  The ticks generally thin out in the middle of July.  On the 23rd we have a bike trip.  The water rafting campout went well.  Tom is accepting nominations for camping awards.


4.      Tomahawk planning updates – Martina Grove

There was a discussion regarding Tomahawk’s fees.  A suggestion was made to charge $225 + $10 additional fee, making the cost approximately $235.  This is the tentative cost but a final decision was not made.  We need to set a swim date.  Martina will check to see what is available.  Packets for Tomahawk will be handed out at the Court of Honor.


5.      Quartermaster Report – Rick Rausch

The money was approved last month to buy supplies for high adventure camping.  There is currently no other updates.


6.  Manitou 15K Update – Keith Nelson

A reminder list was mailed to volunteers but it may not have gotten there.  Travis Johnson will ride bike with Joe to make sure the pace is set fast enough for the runners.  There will be a 7:00 am meeting to finalize details. 


7.  Flower Sale Update – Bill Johnson

Bill handed out a summary of the flowers sold.  Most people were satisfied with the product, especially the baskets.  Scout Bucks were calculated at 40.91% of the product sold.


8.  Treasurer’s Report – Ken Rowe

No financials, but no outstanding items.  Ken will try to get to the finance by next week.    The savings account has been changed to earn more interest.


9.  Community Service – Martina Grove

Most of the summer weekends are busy for Martina, as they are for many of our scouts.  Maybe we should look at doing some of these projects on Tuesday meeting days.  We are looking into to helping will lawn mowing at Schuneman Nature Center .


11.  Comments/Closing – Angie Bisping/Roger Scherping

There was a discussion about using the canopies for graduation parties.  It was agreed that members of the Troop could use the canopies on a first come first serve basis.  All requests should go through Rick Rausch. 


There was a discussion on our policy regarding adults smoking.  According to our rules, smoking should occur away from Scouts.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.