November 28, 2006

1. Welcome
We introduced our newest committee members, Pat Mahoney, Duane Peterson and John Clark, and welcomed them to the committee. Approved the previous meeting's minutes. 

2. Report from the PLC
Jason B. reported that we are still looking for 2 historians, 1-2 more troop guides, and a historian. They are making sure everyone who needs a leadership position has one. Planning is being done for the upcoming lock-in.

3. Scoutmaster Report
Tom DeGayner reported that he talked to Pack 529 and they will talk about our troop at their committee meeting on Thursday. Pack 437 is bringing 21 boys to the lock-in, including 7 to stay overnight. They are bringing 2 adults to stay overnight. This is an adequate number of adults considering that this is really a day camp situation, but we should encourage them to bring more parents so that they understand the need for adults to volunteer for activities in the future.

Tom also reported that Eagle Scholarships are being offered for all boys we are Eagle Scouts and are graduating this spring. Elias J. will be working to reach Eagle by January of 2008. There will be a Court of Honor on January 23. We will be doing a service project with Ryan Solberg early in January, probably at a couple of meetings, assembling his Calvary scene kits.

4. Camping Report
Tom reported that we have at least 27 boys and 2 guests signed up for the lock-in. He is looking for fun door prizes. We will be giving away some troop shirts as prizes.

Our camping events for 2007 are: Troop Training March 23-25, Basic Skills April 13-15, white water rafting May 19-21, bike trip June, Tomahawk July, High Adventure July, canoeing September, (October open), merit badge weekend November, lock-in December, Snow Huskies/Spearhead/sled dog January, (February open).

On Merit Badge Weekend we had 38 completed merit badges and 6 partials. The campout was a good time. We had lots of adults serve as counselors. The weekend was very successful, but we had extra room. We will keep 2 program tracks next year, one for the new boys and one for the older ones. There was some confusion around the prerequisites. It should only be necessary to read the book for the more complicated merit badges, and the boys should be instructed to share the limited number of books. Mike Davis will check to see if there is a way to get the merit badge book contents on 

At the next Scout meeting Tom will remind everyone of the proper way to earn a merit badge. First he should arrange with a buddy to earn the badge together. Then the scouts must get a merit badge card and get it signed by the Scoutmaster. After that they need to check out the merit badge book from the library, if we have one. Then they need to find a counselor, and we encourage them to find a counselor outside of our troop. They cannot complete the requirements before seeing a counselor.

Tom reported that we will have a high adventure campout from July 24-31: sea kayaking around the Apostle Islands. The cost will be about $500. All boys must be First Class, a swimmer, and at least 13 years old.

The committee discussed the minimum age for high adventure. A majority of the committee members want the minimum age to remain at 13. 

Tom will consider the idea of a family campout for next year.

Roger Scherping instructed Tom that he should no longer be planning any more campouts. Roger explained that Tom has been both our Camping Coordinator and our Scoutmaster since he took on the Scoutmaster role, and it is time for some other adult leaders to help with the camping planning. Tom has an extensive campout planning outline developed to help, and adult can volunteer to plan just one campout without volunteering for the camping coordinator role. John Clark agreed to plan the white water rafting trip.

5. Quartermaster Report
Rick Rausch reported that the trailers have been returned to the lot.

6. Treasurer Report

7. Fundraisers
Bill Johnson reported that our FOS goal after raising $4,675 last year, our goal this year is $4,700 and our stretch goal is $4,900.

Rick Rausch reported that 15 boys sold $2,840 of popcorn, of which $1,100 will go into their Scout Bucks accounts. 

Scott Holisky handled wreath sales again this year. The troop appreciates his help.

Roger asked the group for feedback on a new fundraising idea.

8. Community Service
Not discussed.

9. Comments/Closing
Roger reviewed a form to be used for rechartering this year. The process will be handled via email. Roger will check with Ken on whether dues will return to $25 and whether most boys' Scout bucks accounts will be adequate for deducting their dues.

The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 18, during the troop meeting.