October 30, 2006

1. Welcome
We introduced our newest committee members, Nancy Vanderheiter, Chuck Fullerton, and Jeanenne Rausch, and welcomed them to the committee. Approved the previous meeting's minutes. 

New committee member positions: Janet Charbonneau will be the new Board of Review coordinator, and Roger Scherping will take over as acting Committee Secretary.

2. Report from the PLC
Jason reported that we had a fun night last week, bowling, which 22 Scouts attended. Still looking for 2 historians and 1-2 more troop guides. For the upcoming lock-in, Patrick C. will lead a planning committee either during the next PLC or after an upcoming Scout meeting.

3. Scoutmaster Report
Tom DeGayner reported that he updated his youth protection training on line and noted that the test recommended but did not require that troops not mix ages within patrols. He recommended that everyone take the necessary 20 minutes to update their training.

Tom reported that we are getting between 7 and 13 boys from Pack 437. Jim Letourneau is to provide Tom a contact at Pack 529, too.

4. Camping Report
Regarding Merit Badge Weekend, Tom reported on behalf of Carla Nielsen that Dennis Doffing and John Clark have volunteered as counselors for golf and computers, respectively. Now we only need a counselor for Art. Final signups will be next Tuesday night. Thirteen boys have signed up so far. There are 4 different program tracks for the weekend, to satisfy both younger and older Scouts.

Roger requested that we no longer hold a fun night on either side of the committee meeting because that leaves us 2 weeks without being able to communicate directly to the boys. Tom reported that Scout Joe S. is our new Scout webmaster.

Regarding the Lock-In, Tom is looking for someone to act as coordinator for the event. A $800 payment is due. From Pack 437 we will have 6 Webelos II and 4 parents; we will know on November 13 how many Cubs will be coming from 8:00 to midnight.

In January and February we will do two of these three events: skiing, Snow Huskies/Spearhead, and dog sledding. The decision will be made at the next PLC meeting.

Our 2008 Tomahawk reservation must be made in April of 2007. At that time we will decide whether to sign up for 1 or 2 weeks.

Carla has developed three possible High Adventure trips for next year; a survey of the boys will be taken at an upcoming Scout meeting. Tom is also checking on Philmont for 2008.

Mike Davis will check on Airplanes on White Bear Lake this year, or perhaps at Lake Elmo. Our camping events for 2007, beginning with May, are: white water rafting, bike trip, Tomahawk, High Adventure, canoeing, (open), merit badge weekend, lock-in, Snow Huskies/Spearhead, skiing/sled dog, planning campout, and basic skills.

Tom talked about the need to find someone to take over the Camping Coordinator position. He is currently doing that role in addition to his role as Scoutmaster. If anyone is interested in the position or would like to try planning a campout to see what is like, contact Tom.

5. Quartermaster Report
Rick Rausch reported that the trailers are being winterized so that they can be returned to the lot.

6. Treasurer Report
Ken Rowe presented the latest financial statements. Scout Bucks accounts are in pretty good shape.

7. Fundraisers
Scott Holisky is looking for help on November 18 to unload and sort the wreaths order when it arrives at his house. Contact him if you can help.

Rick Rausch reported that the boys sold $2,700 of popcorn, of which 40% will go into their Scout Bucks accounts. The orders will be turned in on Friday.

Roger reported that Bill Johnson has once again volunteered to lead the Friends of Scouting effort this year.

Roger asked the group for suggestions for other fundraising ideas. With 40 boys we have a large labor pool which could be provided on a regular, monthly basis to some business or organization that could use this labor in exchange for a donation that could be added to the boys' Scout Bucks accounts. We could also develop a Scout-run business enterprise selling some product, perhaps something that the boys can make, package or assemble themselves. This product could be sold in many different ways, perhaps over the internet, and could be something like the mosquito netting frame that the boys have made for themselves in the past. If anyone knows of an organization that could use our labor, or has any ideas for products that the boys could make and/or sell as their own business, contact Roger.

8. Community Service
Not discussed.

9. Comments/Closing
Patrick C. reviewed his Eagle service project with the committee.