September 26, 2006

1.            Approve Aug. minutes


2.         PLC Report -- - Jason

Jason reported that the PLC is planning a fun night for Oct/Nov. We may plan to go to Grand Slam or possibly bowling. The troop is looking for 1-2 historians. Some Scouts have expressed an interest. The historian goes to campouts, takes pictures, puts them in scrapbooks, along with an explanation of the picture. They may also submit articles in the newsletter. Jason also reported that the OA Fall Fellowship is Nov. 11.


3.            Scoutmaster Report - Tom DeGayner

Tom reported on Pack 437.  Jay and Brain met with the WeBeLos Den from 437 and pitched tents and taught them a song. Tom talked to the parents about Troop 494. It looks like 5/6 boys will be moving from Pack 437 to Troop 494. We may have up to 10 boys in the Spring. We need to continue to work with the Pack to encourage the Scouts to attend our troop. The WeBeLos will be invited to the Lock-in on Dec. 9.  The first year WeBeLos will be leaving at midnight.


We may want to consider contacting Pack 529. They are struggling at this point, and could benefit from the support of our troop. They also may add some WeBeLos to our troop. We need to recruit more den chiefs.


Tom received a phone call from Stearns Camp inviting us to sign up for camp this summer. We will schedule a day tour of the facility.


Tom has received requests from 2 more scouts to have their Eagle Projects reviewed.


4.            Camping Report - Tom DeGayner

We had a great time at Namekagon. The outfitter was very helpful, ferrying us up to the start of the river for no charge. We attended the OA Conclave and had 5 people go through the ordeal and one adult. We had two brotherhood candidates.


Camp Ripley - Brad is helping coordinate along with Rich Jensen. Two bays have been reserved which can hold approximately 25 Scouts/8 leaders. We might need a separate bay for women. We plan to use the flight simulator, tour the museum, and have access to a screen for movies. We won’t be able to view any range activities. There was a discussion about the possibility of launching rockets.


Lock-in Shoreview Community Center - We are scheduled for the lock-in Dec. 9.  The Pack has been invited. They will need to bring two adults.

Jan. - dog sledding/winter camping

Feb - skiing

March - planning for year

April - Basic Skills at Fred C


5.         Merit Badge Day - Carla Nielsen/Martina Grove

Carla & Martina are interested in running merit badge day. We have Gwin Center rented for Nov.  Carla passed out a sheet of potential merit badges. There was a discussion as to which merit badges could be completed in the allotted time and whether some were appropriate to offer, ie, motor boating, and pioneering. It was suggested that a survey be passed out to the boys to see where their interests lie.  We do not want to offer any Eagle required Merit Badges as they should take longer to complete than a weekend.


6.         High Adventure - Carla Nielsen

Carla discussed the High Adventure plan of a road trip on an RV to Yellowstone. The committee decided to look at other options because they felt this trip to not meet the qualifications of a high adventure.


7.            Quartermaster - Rick Rausch

We are almost ready to move trailers back to their living space. The barrel is rusted out. Steel barrels are too expensive. We should look at finding a replacement barrel and making sure we shorten the pipe on the faucet, so scouts don’t hang things from the faucet


8.            Treasurer - Ken Rowe

We may want to offer a $10 discount for scouts who register for Tomahawk (and commit by paying money) before April 1.  We ended up losing some money this year because less scouts attended then anticipated.


A former scout has asked to move money front his account to his brother in the pack. Our current troop policy does not allow money from an inactive scout bucks account to leave the troop. If the brother joins our troop, he may claim the money in the scout bucks account. See attached note for our troop guidelines:

Scout Bucks: Scout Bucks are the money that the scouts earn as part of the troop fund raising activities. For each fund raising activity the troop committee determines the percentage of profits that the scouts will earn from their participation in the fundraiser. That percentage is based on the expected outcome of the fundraiser, the anticipated needs of the troop.  The troop Scout Buck Administrator then records the amount earned by each scout and deposits those funds in a bank account until the finds are needed.  Scout Bucks earned through fundraising programs may he used to pay for camping fees. camping equipment. Scout uniforms. Eagle Court of honor expenses, Troop-sponsored fun nights, registration fees and Boys Life Magazine subscriptions.  Voucher slips available from the Treasurer must be filled out and attached to the receipts for reimbursement out of the Scout Bucks account.  A Scout's  scout bucks may be used for their parent(s) or guardians camping fees and uniforms etc provided that the Scout agrees to the charge.  Because the scout bucks have been earned during troop fund raising activities, when the Scout leaves the troop, all unspent earned

scout bucks revert back to the troop.  The Scout will not receive the earned finds upon leaving the troop.  However, the funds may he transferred to another family member in the Troop.  Also. if a Scout becomes an adult registered leader within the troop, the Scout may transfer funds from the Scout account to his adult leader account.  If the Scout transfers to another Troop, the Treasurer will issue a check to that Troop for deposit in the Scout Bucks account in that Troop.



9.            Community Service

We will look into scheduling some raking for elderly within the church


10. Volunteers

Jeff Strommer left the troop, so we currently do not have anyone scheduling Boards of



Doug would like someone to take over the troop website. There was a discussion regarding whether this was something a scout could do.  The conclusion was yes, but an adult would need to approve it.


11.       Other

Mr. Letourneau reported that we have only 3 axes left to give for gifts to scouts who have earned their Eagles. They are no longer available in the catalog. The current axes are either $50 model or a $20 model. The last axes Jim was able to order through national.  If we can not get these axes we may have to find a different gift from the troop.


12. Meeting Adjourned at 9:00