April 24, 2007

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes of previous meeting.


Eagle Project Review

Brian C. presented his Eagle project.  The committee approved the project, with changes.  Dan D. presented his Eagle project.  It was also approved, with changes.


2.  Report from the PLC

Will N. said that all first years and most second years attended Basic Skills.  There was a very good turnout.  It was too windy, though, to teach how to build a fire.  Next week’s meeting has been changed to our annual Heritage Park cleanup.  We will start with a cookout at 6:00.  The calling tree will be used this week for Scouting for Food on Saturday and on Sunday for Heritage Park on Tuesday.


3.  Scoutmaster’s Report

Tom DeGayner reported that we had 4 boys attend Youth Leader College.  We had 25 boys and 12 adults attend Basic Skills.  The weather was challenging.  The compass course was an authentic one and will become our standard course from now on.  Eight boys completed it.


We have quite a few advancements coming up: 1 Second Class, 4-8 First Class, 1 Life, and 9 Scout.  St. Andrew’s Church sent us a nice thank you letter for our help with Ryan Solberg’s Calvary project; the letter will be put on our website.  Discussed possibly helping set up Relay for Life at 10am on July 27.  We have a new boy, Jonathan J.,  interested in joining our troop.  At the May 3 Roundtable there will be a cook off, and we will have some boys there to participate.


4.  Camping Report

John Clark discussed the upcoming White Water Rafting trip.  It will be May 18-20.  We will visit the train museum at 10am on Saturday.  We will then have lunch in Duluth.  We will visit the Planetarium at 1:00, and the visit will be tied into Astronomy merit badge.  The Planetarium people will accompany us back to camp.  They will join us for dinner.  After dinner they will bring rockets and telescopes and finish up Astronomy merit badge.


Tom reported that the fishing trip will be immediately after the Manitou 15k.  The bike trip and the sea kayaking trip are in June.  Tomahawk is in July.


5.  Tomahawk Planning

Martina Grove reported that at the Heritage Park cleanup we will distribute merit badge signup sheets for Tomahawk.  We will have our annual parent’s meeting for Tomahawk on May 15.  Tom will investigate whether we have more snack boxes.  Ken Rowe reported that we have made our final payment for 2007 and our deposit for 2008.



6.  Advancement Committee

The advancement committee will continue to meet with boys who have made First Class.  They have done a good job of getting some of those boys to think about making Eagle.


7. Quartermaster Report -- none


8.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe explained that a net amount of $1,384.86 was transferred from the Scout Bucks accounts of boys who have left the troop.  These funds have been set up in a Campership fund.  The committee agreed that, if at some point it is felt that this balance is more than is necessary for camperships, than we will transfer these funds as we see fit.


Ken presented the year end financial statements.  He will hand out Scout Bucks statements at the May parent’s meeting.


9.  Fundraisers


Box Lunch: Roger Scherping will contract Duane Peterson and Chuck Fullerton about the progress on the box lunch fundraiser.


Scout Firewood: There was a photo op for a firewood promotional piece.  Ryan Solberg has written a letter to his contact at the DNR to see if they are interested in being our lone Scout Firewood customer.  Roger to follow up with Ryan.


Flower Sales. The boys sold $17,767 of flowers, which is up about $1,000 from last year.  This means a profit of $7,444.  Delivery is May 5th, and they need to be picked up that day, too.


Manitou 15k: The Manitou 15k will be held, but Keith Nelson is working on a different course. 


10. Community Service.


St John’s Cemetery, 9 am on May 5th. We are to provide the hot dogs, buns, and condiments.  We should also clean up the south side of the church that morning.


Heritage Park will be on Tuesday, May 1 instead of a troop meeting.


Scouting for Food is this Saturday at 9:00.  We have the opportunity to do a larger area this year.


11.  New Business

We forgot to lock our orange box after our last troop meeting.  Other than that, we are doing a good job of cleaning up after each meeting, and Rev. Mark is pleased with how it is going.


12.  Comments/Closing – none


The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 29 at 7:00.