February 27, 2007

1.  Welcome

Approved the previous meeting's minutes without changes. 



2.  Report from the PLC

We welcomed Will N. as our new SPL.  Will said that it is his goal to emphasize the patrol method to a much greater degree in order to encourage better attendance at events.  This will include patrol flags, yells, competitions, responsibilities at meetings, and use of the phone tree.  Patrols will be developed by age.



3.  Scoutmaster Report  -- Tom DeGayner


Will will be installed at our new SPL at the March 6 meeting.


The boys are working on the crosses project tonight and hope to finish it up.  Ryan Solberg is buying them pizza tonight.


We attended the Pack 437 Blue and Gold and welcomed 8 new boys to the troop, with 2 more undecided.  We also welcomed 2 boys at Pack 402’s Blue and Gold.  There is also a 14-year-old interested.  The Willards will not be joining us.


The New Scouts meeting will be March 13.  We will welcome 10-13 new boys.  We will have folders for all the boys in the troop that night.  The format of the meeting will include a breakout with just the adults to discuss troop guidelines, camperships, registration forms, and a possible rebate of an adult’s registration fee after completing Fast Start Training.  Registration for the new boys will be about $40 (registration fee, shirt/neckerchief/slide, 494 patch, dues).  Roger to review the troop guidelines before the meeting for any necessary updates. 


We have submitted our Centennial Quality Award form.  Tom is pushing for us to earn the National Camping Award in 2007, but each campout will require 50% attendance to count.  April 14 is Youth Leader Council (formerly JLC). 


We want our historians to create photo albums from each campout.  The cost might be $50-$75 per year.  We could use a parent advisor.


Tom and the PLC are reviewing leadership positions to see that Scouts are fulfilling their obligations adequately. 


The boys elected 3 Scouts for OA this year.  We have the opportunity to nominate 2 adults.  Submit your own name or the name of someone else to Roger to nominate them. 



4. Camping Report  -- Tom DeGayner

      Basic Skills 4/20-22


      White Water Rafting 5/18-20.  John Clark has been talking with the Duluth Planetarium about their bringing a telescope or rockets to our campsite on Saturday night.  This could be tied in with Astronomy merit badge.


      Manitou 5k race + Fishing trip 6/2

      Bike trip in June – Brad Fischer is coordinating.

      Sea Kayaking (High Adventure) in June

      Ripley Rendezvous (Northern Star Council) 6/1-3

      Tomahawk – week 1 (tentative) 7/7-14

      Tomahawk – week 2 (definite) 7/14-21



5.  Advancement Committee

Janet Charbonneau explained that the advancement committee will work with those boys First Class and beyond to keep them moving toward Eagle.  They have met with 5 boys so far.  They reviewed with the boys their remaining requirements and the time they have left.  Their purpose is really to prompt the boys to reach Eagle.



6.  Quartermaster Report – None



7.  Treasurer Report

Ken Rowe issued the latest troop financial statement.  Inactive Scouts who have a balance in Scout Bucks should have their balances transferred to the Campership Fund; Ken to provide Roger a list of those Scouts.  The Campership funds may be used for other purposes, like promoting patrol participation, encouraging attendance, or more generally to support our program activities.



8.  Fundraisers

Bill Johnson reported that we are $905 short of our $4,700 base goal.


Chuck Fullerton reported that there is no update on the Boxed Lunch Fundraiser.


Mike Cerney reported that we have 41 bags of firewood on hand.  The bait shop has sold only 8 of 18 bags since before Christmas.  Tom and Roger to talk to Ryan and Conrad Solberg about why the flow of wood is so much slower than planned.  The sale of logs would not be a good alternative because of the amount of adult time that would be required for cutting and splitting.


Flower sale details will be finalized March 2, sales will begin March 13, and delivery will be May 6.



9.  Community Service

The boys are working tonight with Ryan Solberg on his Calvary crosses project.  They completed another 250 and have 250 remaining.



10.  New Business – none



11.  Comments/Closing – none


The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at 7:00.