January 30, 2007

1.  Welcome

There were 24 committee members present.  We introduced our newest committee member, Linda Henry, and welcomed her to the committee.  Approved the previous meeting's minutes. 



2.  Report from the PLC

Jason B. reported that the PLC has been reviewing possible 2007 activities with the troop.  Also, there is one more Wild game on the calendar, on March 24.



3.  Scoutmaster Report  -- Tom DeGayner


Thank you to Elias J., Becky Johnson and John DeMay for a well-planned and executed Court of Honor.  Memos to remember for our next court of honor: have 2 potlucks per year; start at 6:30; have more main dishes for a better-rounded meal; hand out merit badges by boy, not by merit badge, even if they are listed by merit badge in the program; possibly add music to a year-in-review presentation; the combination of a call for volunteers and a year-in-review presentation makes for an effective Friends of Scouting presentation.


Three boys and three adults cooked for Pack 437 at their Polar Camp over the weekend.  Max Sailor passed his Eagle board of review. 


Eight or nine Scouts are needed at Monday night’s Blue and Gold for Pack 437 to help serve dinner and welcome them to our troop.  Our New Scout and Parent Orientation will be at the March 13 troop meeting.


Cub Scout Chris B. from Pack 402 will be bridging to our troop on Sunday, February 25.  Tom to pursue an opportunity for boys from Pack 529 to join us.


We will be having troop officer elections 2/6, OA elections 2/13, and working with Ryan Solberg again in his Calvary wood crosses project 2/20.


We need to revisit our Road to First Class program to ensure that the new boys are advancing steadily.  We also need to look at our older boys and encourage them in their progress, too, especially those nearing 18.



4. Camping Report  -- Tom DeGayner

Dog sledding 2/18

      Training weekend 3/23-25

      Junior Leader College 4/14

      Basic Skills 4/20-22

      White Water Rafting 5/18-20

      Manitou 5k race + Fishing trip 6/2

      Ripley Rendezvous (Northern Star Council) 6/1-3

      Tomahawk – week 1 (tentative) 7/7-14

      Tomahawk – week 2 (definite) 7/14-21


There are 7 boys and 2 adults signed up for the High Adventure campout so far.



5.  Quartermaster Report

Rick Rausch reported that he is still working on a new barrel.  He also demonstrated a new backpacking tent.



6.  Treasurer Report

Ken Rowe has issued the latest Scout Buck statements and collected the largest overdrafts.  He has the January financial statement for anyone who wants a copy.  He reported that our financial position is very sound.



7.  Fundraisers

Dennis Doffing presented an opportunity for the troop to prepare and sell 300 box lunches at a dog club show on June 8-10 at Kelly Farms.  The committee agreed to take advantage of this opportunity but needs to decide whether the profits will go to the volunteers or to new equipment.  Duane Petersen and Chuck Fullerton will lead the fundraiser.  The first step is to get a menu to Dennis.


Bill Johnson reported that he has received $2,200 so far, before any matching grants.  Our goal this year is $4,700 and our stretch goal is $4,900.


Mike Cerney will set up another firewood bagging night soon so that we can prepare bags for the committee members to deliver to potential customers.


Bill Johnson reported that he has started on the flower sale fundraiser.



8.  Community Service

Two Scouts helped out at the lunch at St. John’s recently.  We are continuing to work with Ryan Solberg on his Calvary crosses project.  In fact, the boys were working during the committee meeting.



9.  New Business

Reminder that the Tomahawk reservation for summer of 2008 (not 2007) is due at the end of April.  We will decide on whether or not we attend two weeks at Tomahawk this summer once we see the response of our new Scouts on March 13.



10.  Comments/Closing

Roger reviewed the results of our latest rechartering.  We have four Scouts who have moved up to adult leaders.  We lost 15 boys who were mostly inactive, and we lost 2 registered adults.  We have 38 boys and 44 registered adult leaders.



The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 27 at 7:00.