June 26, 2007

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes of previous meeting.



2.  Report from the PLC




3.  Scoutmaster’s Report

Roger Scherping reported for Tom DeGayner that at the July 10 troop meeting we will finalize our plans for Tomahawk: work crews for set up, duty rosters, etc.  We should also review first aid advancement for those Scouts taking First Aid merit badge: Alex C., Jonathan J., Sam H., and Sean K. 



4.  Camping Report

Roger reported for Tom that John Clark is our new Camping Coordinator.  He will coordinate the adults who do the campout planning, and he may have Scouts or patrols help with the planning.


August Camping: While we have the captive audience at Tomahawk, we will be laying out plans for the Campout(s) in August.  Proposed is that we do two campouts:  one at Phillippo that we will invite the pack to, the other at a state park.

Pack Camping:  If the Phillppo outing falls through, we should plan on having the pack Webelos join us sometime during the fall....October?

Merit Badge Day in November. 


December/January/February   Lock In/Eagle Cave/Snowbase  (mix and match)

March:  Planning Weekend

April:  Basic Skills



5.  Tomahawk Planning

Martina Grove reported that she is in the process of turning in the roster and equipment orders.  Almost everything else is ready.  Tyler P. is a late addition.  No word from Colin F.  We have 4 full time adults and other adults for various days.  We have 34 Scouts.


Roger to send an email to the troop asking everyone’s t-shirt size so we can place our shirt order.  Also, ask who is coming for the Wednesday meal.  Deb Clarke ordered the Action Packers for the new boys. 

6.  Advancement Committee

John DeMay reported that we had the Court of Honor last week, and we’ll have another one at Tomahawk.  The Committee has seen most of the older boys.  After Tomahawk they will go through them again.  There are no “heart attack” cases right now.



7. Quartermaster Report




8.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe distributed the latest financial statements.  Scout Bucks are up to date.  Ken will check the Tomahawk roster to see who needs to pay yet.



9.  Fundraisers


Box Lunch:

Roger reported that the boys earned $9.72 per hour for this very profitable fundraiser.  Dennis Doffing suggested that we approach Kelly Farms about providing our lunch services for other dog/hunting events that they host throughout the year.  Dennis to provide Roger with a contact name.  The committee discussed that this sort of fundraiser is much better for the boys who don’t like to do door to door selling.


Scout Firewood:

Roger reported that the boys earned $14 per hour with the first shipment of firewood.  Mike Cerney reported that apparently we are getting close with the DNR to see if they are interested in being our lone Scout Firewood customer.  He said that we also need to do another stuffing session soon.




10. Community Service

Martina reminded the committee of the Relay for Life fundraiser on the last Friday in July. 



11.  New Business

Roger reported that in addition to John Clark becoming our new Camping Coordinator, Mary Sue Abel has agreed to lead the flowers fundraiser next year, and Duane Petersen and Chuck Fullerton will lead wreaths.


Janet Charbonneau would like to host her training session on dealing with special needs boys after the next troop meeting.


Joe Markham reported that he is working on getting trained in youth protection so that he can train our adults.


Dennis Doffing reported that Dan is going to be starting on his Eagle Project.`



12.  Comments/Closing – none



The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 28 at 7:00.