March 27, 2007

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes of previous meeting.


2.  Report from the PLC

Will gave us an overview of the Troop Planning Weekend. The Scouts planned, did team building, leadership, discussed high adventure, and merit badges.


3.  Treasurer’s Report

The fiscal year ended 2-28-07. The accounting is almost complete.  It looks like the dues covered our expenses for the year.


4.  Tomahawk Planning

Early registration is due 4-4-07. We will reserve for 30 boys and put down next year’s deposit. We will attend one week in 2008. Merit badge signup sheets are being distributed. We need to set up the swim test - inexpensive is good.  2007 cost for Tomahawk will be $225/230 and first years $25 more to cover the cost of merit badge kits.


5.  FOS

We met our goal and stretch goal! We ought to get the bonus prize! Thanks for a job well done, FOS Bill!


6. Scoutmaster / Camping

Tom covered a little more of the Troop Planning weekend.  We need to include the Webelos when we can, and on our August state park campout.  PLC currently is meeting at 6:30 and during the Committee meeting. Our Tuesday  schedule will remain the same, with additional testing for 1st years after 8:00, and merit badges after 8:00.


There is/was a photo op for a fire wood promotional piece.  Youth Leader College is 4/14.  We have 8 Scouts signed up for classes, and one to teach.


Basic Skills campout is on track. Tom and Will are emphasizing patrols. Each campout will be planned by a patrol and an adult.  We hope to increase attendance by patrol competitions. 


White Water Rafting. John Clark. On Saturday university students will join us for dinner

and bring their telescopes and model rockets. Saturday morning (10-11:30) the

Train Museum has allowed us a group discount. The planetarium is scheduled for after lunch. Saturday night will wrap up Astronomy merit badge. Sunday morning is clean the camp and pack up. White water rafting will take place in the afternoon.


7. Advancement Committee

The group talked to three scouts last month about their current status and had four more to do this month.


8. Quartermaster

Everything is under control. Rick and Jay are doing a great job!


9. Fund Raisers

Box Lunches. We are looking for boxes for the lunches.


Scout Firewood. Photo op for flyer. There is enough wood and bags for 50 bundles.  Little Bear has sold 8 bags. We hope to sell the firewood at a state park.


Flower Sales. Gertens providing pots and flats, Bergens the hanging baskets.

Delivery is May 5th, and they need to be picked up that day , too.


Manitou 15K. Lake Avenue construction is throwing a monkey wrench into our

planning. We will run a 15K - the course remains questionable.



10. Community Service.

St John’s Cemetery, 9 am May 5th.

Heritage Park possibly on April 28th after Scouting for Food.


11.  New Business

Reviewed the new rules for meeting at St. John’s:

   We need to continue to put all the tables and chairs back after the meeting. 

   We also need to sweep and mop all of the rooms that we used. 

   We should sweep and mop the entryway and stairs and downstairs hallway.

   We can no longer park in the church parking lot. 

   We need to stay out of the temporary nursery.


12.  Comments/Closing – none


The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 24 at 7:00.