May 29, 2007

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes of previous meeting.



2.  Report from the PLC

Will N. said that we should announce at the meeting the importance of respecting our meeting place and being quiet.  Since the Road to First Class has not been active lately, Will suggests assigning patrols the responsibility of doing a demo at the meeting.  We would still do testing before the meeting.  Tom and Will to discuss on fishing trip.  Will also asks that adults please be quiet during announcements.



3.  Scoutmaster’s Report

Tom DeGayner reported that at the troop meetings lately we have been preoccupied with getting the first years to Scout.  He agrees that we should have the boys take on more responsibility by doing demos in the meetings.


Before Tomahawk we should get all first years and all Scouts who are planning to take First Aid merit badge caught up on all Second and First Class first aid requirements.  Martina to let Tom know which boys have signed up for First Aid.


Tom discussed his idea for distinguishing between committee member and assistant scoutmaster positions.  He would like the default adult leader position to be committee member because he would like to make the ASM position a more select role.  The limited number of individuals he chooses for this position would be required, after their first year, to take the ASM training.  These individuals would be given primary responsibility for dealing with the boys.  Other adults would still be welcome on campouts, but they must understand that the ASM’s are the individuals who the boys will primarily look to for direction.  Tom would assign one of the ASM’s to each patrol (2 adults for the first years), and each ASM would be responsible for working with their patrol.  Tom would do supplemental training with ASM’s, too, instructing them on the manner in which he would like them to handle the boys (a delicate touch, questioning and not ordering, etc.).  To further define the role of the ASM’s, Tom is considering a special hat to identify these leaders of the boys.


Roger Scherping proposed a job description for the adult role of Committee Member.  No such job description had been included in the Adult Leader Position Descriptions document. 


Troop Committee Member

  • Attends monthly troop committee meetings
  • As a committee member, assists in the planning of troop activities and setting of troop policies
  • Leads troop events as requested by troop committee chair
  • Holds troop committee leadership positions as requested by troop committee chair
  • Reports on assigned troop responsibilities at troop committee meetings
  • Participates in Boards of Review
  • Attends training and Roundtable meetings


The committee reviewed the proposed adult position description and approved the addition of the Troop Committee Member adult position description to the troop’s Adult Leader Position Descriptions document.


Roger then proposed a set of adult guidelines that he felt set reasonable expectations for the behavior of our adult leaders when they deal with the boys in the troop.  Tom commented that when first year parents read these guidelines they will feel very comfortable about entrusting their boy to our troop.


Adult Guidelines


These guidelines summarize the manner is which all parents and registered adult leaders are expected to behave in dealing with the boys in our troop.  The guidelines set the expectations for appropriate adult behavior.


  1. Adults will treat all boys in our troop in a positive, respectful manner at all times.
  2. No boy in our troop will be given more favorable treatment than any other boy. Conversely, no boy will be singled out for adverse treatment.
  3. Adults will always follow their training on Safe Scouting, especially the principle of two-deep leadership.
  4. If an adult has an issue with a boy and the adult is not able to handle that issue in a positive, constructive manner, then the adult will immediately consult with the Scoutmaster or another adult to handle the issue.  
  5. Adults will not engage in negative behaviors such as yelling at, belittling, harassing, or bullying any boy in our troop.  Our troop will be a safe haven from this type of treatment.    
  6. In their roles as authority figures, adults will enforce only the adherence to our troop guidelines, not their own personal preferences.  
  7. Adults will remember that the Scoutmaster has responsibility for enforcing our troop guidelines for disciplining of the boys.
  8. At all times the safety of the boys is our most important concern.  An adult is expected to take immediate action to protect a boy whenever his safety is an issue.
  9. Adults will follow the roles and responsibilities established by the troop committee for dealing with the boys.

The committee discussed these guidelines at length and, after minor changes, approved the addition of these guidelines to our Troop Guidelines document.



It was proposed that we have a group training session for all adults on Youth Protection.  Joe Markham has agreed to become certified as a trainer in youth protection. 


The PLC will meet on Tuesday night.



4.  Camping Report

Tom reported that we have 9-11 boys and 4 adults signed up for the fishing trip.  We are on track for the bike trip.  The trip will be in Brainerd, where we will camp on the trail.  We need to order shirts soon.  The August campout may be the 3rd weekend (17th to 19th).  It will probably be at Phillipo or a state park.  We will invite the Webelos II.  We will consider having it over 2 weekends.



5.  Tomahawk Planning

Martina Grove reported that the swim test is Thursday, June 21 and that the Road to Tomahawk flyer was incorrect.  It is at 6:30 at Maplewood Community Center.


Registration forms are due on July 1.  She needs to know how many adults are camping and for how many days.  High Adventure was discussed, and it will be discussed with those boys over 13 at a troop meeting. 


The boys want this year’s t-shirts to be tan or brown with white lettering. 


Deb Clarke wants to place a group order for Action Packers.  Roger will check with her about letting the whole troop have the opportunity to be included.



6.  Advancement Committee

Elias J.  will have his Life board this week.  The advancement committee will continue to meet with boys who have made First Class. 



7. Quartermaster Report

Tom DeGayner reported that Rick Rausch would like to purchase at least 2 new tents to replace our aging supply.  He can get them for $30 off the regular $180 price.  The committee authorized spending up to $600 and getting as many as possible, with as many features as possible.  Rick is also in the process of getting the propane burner fixed.



8.  Treasurer’s Report – none



9.  Fundraisers


Box Lunch:

Duane Peterson reported that we have orders for 270 meals.  He anticipates a profit of $1,100.  The committee decided that the profits would be divided entirely between the workers, youth and adult.  The event is at Kelly Farms.  We will make the sandwiches on Thursday and Friday nights at St. Mary’s.  Roger to check on the availability of refrigerator space for one grocery cart there.   The work sessions are:


                        Sandwich                        Sandwich                                                                                 * if necessary

                        Making                        Distribution                               Meals

Day                        Hours                     Hours                        Required

Thursday                         6-9pm                          n/a                            n/a

Friday                        6-9pm                        10am-2pm                        65 meals

Saturday                                 6-9pm*                        10am-2pm                        99 meals

Sunday                  n/a                        10am-2pm                        106 meals


Eight people will be required to make the sandwiches, and six to distribute them.  An announcement will be sent to the troop telling people of this money making opportunity and saying that each work session is expected to pay about $25.


We will need coolers and Action Packers to carry the food.  We need a Sam’s Club member to buy the food.  We will also need a troop check to buy the food tax exempt.  The food will be purchased on Sunday or Monday, depending on the availability of St. Mary’s refrigerator.



Scout Firewood:

No word yet on the letter to the DNR to see if they are interested in being our lone Scout Firewood customer.  There will be a wood stuffing session on Thursday at 7:00.  This will be included in the group email about the Box Lunch fundraiser.



Flower Sales.

The boys sold $17,905 of flowers, which is up about $4,000 from last year.  This means a profit of $7,548.  Our profit percentage has increased since 2005 from 33% to 42%.  Bill Johnson did another great job with this fundraiser.



Manitou 15k:

The Manitou 15k will be held this Saturday. 



10. Community Service

We just completed three community service projects.  St John’s Cemetery cleanup, Heritage Park cleanup, and Scouting for Food.



11.  New Business

Roger reviewed the feedback we had recently received from troop parents on the effectiveness of our troop communications, including the weekly email update and the troop website.  The feedback was extremely positive. 


Janet Charbonneau agreed to postpone her training session on dealing with special needs boys until the next committee meeting.



12.  Comments/Closing – none



The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 26 at 7:00.