October 30, 2007

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes of the previous meeting.


Tom DeGayner discussed last Saturday’s Out to Lunch community service event at St. John’s.  There were only 3 Scouts and no adult leaders until Tom showed up to check in.  There was inadequate coordination for this event.  We need to have 8 Scouts and several adults for this event.  The Committee agreed that from now on, no one can commit the troop to a community service event without proposing the event to the Committee for approval so that adequate planning and coordination can be done.


2.  Report from the PLC

Will N. requested that the Committee approve a community service project for November 17 from 10-2 at First Presbyterian.  The project is a Quilt Blanket Drive to support the Marie Sandvick Center.  The volunteers will be making outdoor quilts, house quilts, and tie blankets.  Carla Nielsen and Jeanine Rausch will be coordinating the event for us.  The Committee approved the event, and it will be publicized in our troop communications.  A signup sheet will be prepared for up to 10 Scouts.  The Committee noted that that is also wreaths and popcorn pickup day.


3.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner reviewed the medications at Tomahawk issue.  Camp Director McCabe told Tom that Tomahawk failed a state health inspection for the medications issue, and that is the reason for the increased emphasis.  Apparently this has not been driven by National, as we were told earlier. 


We are considering these separate approaches:

     -  Manitou District Camping Chair Mike Stanton and his peers have discussed the issue.  They are aware of the problem.  It appears, however, that their emphasis is to improve, not change, the process.  Tom will attend an upcoming district camping meeting.

     - Joe Markham recently wrote a very nice letter to the State of Wisconsin Attorney General (with a copy to the Minnesota Attorney General) politely asking whether it would be possible for parents to sign a waiver allowing their child’s medications to be administered by troop adult leaders instead of camp staff.  The letter did not specifically refer to Tomahawk.


Christy Bartlett has a list of the troops that attended Tomahawk during our week or after at all the camps in case we want to contact them.


Tom said that he would like to change our troop meetings to tie advancement for the 1st years into our activities.  In November we will have contests to set up tents or patrol boxes and award prizes to the winners.


We will have a Court of Honor in January.  It is important that we set up a weekly merit badge schedule and get Communications on the schedule for November or December.


We want to get the Webelos II to a troop meeting, the Court of Honor and the Lock In.  Tom will attend the November 9 Pack meeting to announce the Lock In.


Pack 529 has been invited to the Lock In.  We should invite them to Basic Skills in the spring, too.


4.  Camping Report

Tom reported that November is the Badge Weekend campout at Kiwanis in Marine on St. Croix.  Becky Johnson has planned the merit badges and has arranged counselors.  Tom will email the prerequisites for the merit badges tonight, along with an adult registration form.  We will have 3 Scouts from Troop 341 and 2 from a troop in Farmington.  We have 22 of our boys registered.  Saturday night we will have a campfire event.


December is the Lock In.  January is Eagle Cave.


5.  Advancement Committee

John DeMay reported that their meetings with the boys are going well.  Our current totals of boys by rank are:

            5 Scouts

            7 Tenderfoots

            6 Second Class

            8 First Class

            8 Star

            10 Life

            44 Total


John is investigating a problem with 4 merit badges of Jonathan K’s.  There should be an adult announcement at the next meeting to remind the Scouts to keep their copy of their completed merit badge cards to avoid questions in the future.


6.  Quartermaster Report

Rick Rausch reported that all equipment has been put away and there are no equipment needs at this time.


7.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe presented the latest financial statement.  He will review Scout Bucks accounts once all the open fundraising events have been completed.


Ken will work on a 2008 budget for the next meeting, and he will break down Troop Supplies between true supplies and equipment purchases.


8.  Fundraisers

Mike Cerney reported that he has ordered more bags, and that he has lots of wood piled up right now.  We discussed a stuffing session on November 8.  Roger gave the $1,505 check from our latest sale to Ken, and Mike will get Ken the receipts and timesheets on Tuesday so we can calculate a payout to Scout Bucks. 


Mike has looked at preprinted bags, but we may need to order them 1,000 at a time.  As far as trying to sell firewood in the Cub Foods parking lot, Roger and Mike will try to talk to the store manager.  We may also be able to sell them in a shopping center parking lot. 


Rick Rausch reported that popcorn sales came to $3,111, of which $1,244 will go to Scout Bucks.  Pick up is November 17, and money is due December 11.  The dates are the same for wreaths.


9.  Community Service

Roger Scherping reported that he approached an organization that is arranging for volunteers to help in Rushford, Minnesota.  Since the outdoor cleanup is done, they are looking for people to do interior work, like hanging drywall.  We may not be the best fit for this, but they will get back to us. 


This type of project is consistent with our interest in having the boys perform public service that benefits people directly.  The Committee discussed being prepared to respond immediately for any local disasters like a flood, fire or tornado.  The Committee felt it was important for the boys to be properly trained to handle something like that.  Sharon Leggett will get herself Red Cross first aid certification renewed so that she can train the boys at an upcoming troop meeting.


10.  New Business

Christy and Joe discussed last weekend’s University of Scouting.  Training opportunities appear on the Council website and are discussed at Roundtable.  Christy to provide Roger with the contact information for Liz Mahan to discuss group Youth Protection Training. 


Roger passed out the current troop records on adult leader training, and updates were provided to individual’s records.


The Committee decided to reschedule the November committee meeting to December 13 and cancel the December committee meeting.  The December 13 meeting, in addition to being a committee meeting, will also be a holiday dinner to thank the troop’s adult volunteers for their efforts for the past year.  The dinner will be catered.  We may schedule our group Youth Protection Training for that meeting. 


The Committee discussed the use of personal gear on campouts or other troop events.  We feel that we have enough troop gear that we don’t want to use anyone’s personal gear, so we want to discourage the loaning of personal gear.  Therefore it was decided that individuals loan their personal gear to the troop at their own risk.  We won’t be liable for any damage that may occur to personal gear loaned to the troop.  Roger will write up a proposed revision to the Troop Guidelines for the next committee meeting.


The Committee discussed the appropriate way to thank our adult leaders at the end of the year.  The certificates they receive are nice.  The adults do not want the troop to spend anything on them, but they would like to see a gesture of thanks and recognition from the boys, perhaps having the boys sign the certificates.  Roger to consider the options.


Bill Johnson pointed out that the OA Service Project is November 17 and the OA Fall Fellowship (lock in at Maplewood Community Center) is November 10.


Tom is looking for any type of trinkets for door prizes for the Lock In.


Tom reported that Alex C. has earned a recruiter patch for recruiting Nick L. to our troop.


The Committee agreed that the boys who make up the color guard at troop meetings should be dressed in the appropriate uniform for that night.