September 25, 2007

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes of previous meeting.


The Committee reviewed and approved the Eagle Scout service project proposal of Jonathan K..


2.  Report from the PLC

Will N. reported that he would like to begin doing cooking demos and skits at troop meetings again.  He would also like us to have some of the adults or better behaved boys watch over the more unruly boys at the meetings.


3.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner reviewed the medications at Tomahawk issue.  He will make an announcement at next week’s Roundtable to see if any other troops had a similar experience.  Christy Bartlett agreed to look up the other troops that attended Tomahawk this summer so that we can contact them, too.  Tom will write up some talking points so that we can encourage other troops to write an effective letter to the Council to support our desire for a change to the new policy.


Tom reported that the canoe trip was once again a good time.  The Court of Honor utilized a new script, and the Committee agreed that it made for a good Court.  Upcoming troop meetings will feature more activities, more interaction with the Road to First Class, and merit badges after the meeting. 


4.  Camping Report

John Clark reported that the October campout to Ely is the weekend of October 13.  We will need to load up Mike Cerney’s truck on Friday night with the firewood we are delivering to Camp DuNord, so for this campout we will leave from Cerney’s house.  We will meet there at 6:00, and the campers should bring money for a fast food dinner.  Sarah Solberg has agreed to plan the campout.  She will determine a list of possible activities and discuss them with John and Tom.


November is the Badge Weekend campout at Kiwanis in Marine on St. Croix.  Becky Johnson is planning the merit badges for that event.  The top vote getters from the boys were Fishing, Reading, Aviation, Photography, Model Design, Art and Sports.


December is the Lock In.  January is Eagle Cave, and we probably want to reserve cabins for the adults.  We need to get a final signup soon because the event is almost full.


5.  Advancement Committee

John DeMay and Janet Charbonneau reported that their meetings with the boys are paying off.  We have a number of boys going for Eagle right now and several more in the pipeline. 


Roger distributed a list of all merit badges earned by the boys over the last two years, which Becky can use for finding counselors.  She can cross reference the list against our current list of counselors.  Becky reported that she has received a lot of response from adults about being merit badge counselors. 


6.  Quartermaster Report

Rick Rausch reported that he purchased the table the Committee had approved, and we used it on the Namekagon canoe trip.  The Committee approved the purchase of three rain flies to replace some that needed replacing.  The cost should be about $30 each.


7.  Treasurer’s Report



8.  Fundraisers

Mike Cerney reported that we have our last wood stuffing session before the October campout this Thursday.  We should then have the 600 bags we need to deliver to Camp DuNord.  As far as trying to sell firewood in the Cub Foods parking lot, Roger and Mike will try to talk to the store manager.


Wreath sales are under way.  Rick Rausch reported that popcorn is under way, too. 


9.  Community Service

Tom reported that, while he feels our current list of community service activities is excellent, he would like to change the orientation of our community service projects to include more activities that directly help the needy and which will take the boys out of their comfort zones.  Some suggestions were places like Feed My Starving Children, the Dorothy Day Center in Maplewood, and Arlington House Shelter.  We would need more adults for this type of activity, and someone would have to check them out first so that we understand all aspects of visiting these locations.  The Committee approved the idea.  The Committee also felt that is important to not give up all of our current activities because they still demonstrate to people the service that we provide to our community. 


10.  New Business

Joe Markham has talked with the people at Council and will find out soon when he can take the Train the Trainer program for Safe Scouting Certification.


Roger reported that he will work to bring our adult leader training records up to date.


Roger presented the Adult Leader page from our troop website and commended all of our adult leaders for their generous and enthusiastic support of our troop.  Without their help, we would not have such a strong program for the boys.