August 26, 2008

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes from the last meeting.



2. Report from the PLC

Brian D. announced that we would switch patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders at the next meeting.  The patrol leaders will also be given additional responsibilities and be required to be more involved in the PLC.


Brian is looking for additional meeting topics like knots and cooking.  He also needs ideas from parents and Scouts for activities, fun nights and patrol competitions. 


Brian felt that Tomahawk went well.  He feels that the boy leaders could use some help with getting the boys to listen when it comes to organization and discipline.  The boys need to show the proper respect for the boy leaders.


3  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner added to Brian’s report by saying that in the future patrol leaders will be required to attend 75% of the PLC meetings in order to earn their leadership requirement.


Tom reported that there will be changes to the Scout uniform as a part of the 100th anniversary.  The color of the shoulder epaulets, troop numerals and “trained” patch will all be changed from red to green.  The shirt is a new poly blend and features a pocket on the left shoulder.  Changing to the new uniform is not required by any particular date.  The committee will make a decision in the next six months.


Tom reported that Brian C.’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor went very well.  The committee would like to thank Deb Clarke and Christy Bartlett for making the event such a success.


The troop will have its next Court of Honor on September 23.  Sara Hall will coordinate.  Roger Scherping will reserve the St. Mary’s cafeteria.  Christy Bartlett will invite Pack 437.  Tim Bartlett will prepare a slide show.


Tom announced that he received the US Bank Five Star Volunteer award for his work with Troop 494, and the troop received a $1,000 check.  The committee congratulated Tom.


Junior Leader College is April of 2009. 


Campout rosters need to get signed up in the troop meetings, and the scribe needs to send them weekly to the troop email address for distribution to Tom and Todd Boehne.  Roger will investigate adding the rosters to the website.


4.  Camping Report

Tom reported that the Namekagon canoe trip is September 12.  Everything is on track.  We will follow the same route, and we will have steak for dinner on Saturday.


Our October 10 campout may be at Camp Ripley .  On October 3 is the District Fall Camporee.  November 7 is Merit Badge Weekend at Rum River , and Ken Rowe will coordinate.  December 13 is the Lock-In at Shoreview Community Center .


Tomahawk went great.  Many merit badges were earned.  The August campout was also great.  It featured climbing the bluffs and hiking by 18 boys and 7 adults.


Mark Beckers reported that the troop just returned from a High Adventure campout in the BWCA.  Campsites had to be found early in the day, but it went very well.


Next year’s High Adventure campout is Philmont.  A down payment of $4,360 is required on October 1.  Mark will provide Ken the necessary information, and Ken will deduct from people’s Scout Bucks accounts.  Mark will confirm who is on the list.  A Philmont meeting will be held on September 9 at 8:00 after the troop meeting.



5.  Advancement Committee

Christy reported that they are meeting with the boys, and there are several rank advancement recently achieved.  At an upcoming troop meeting Christy would like to make a presentation to the boys about the Advancement Committee.


A new Merit Badge Coordinator and an additional Advancement Committee member are needed, and Roger will recruit them.  Family Life merit badge will be scheduled starting September 16, and Tom will talk with Deb Clarke or Joe Hetzer about it. 


Christy needs Eagle service project hours for the past few years.  She also needs recent camping rosters, which Ken will provide. 



6.  Quartermaster Report

Rick Rausch reported that our troop first aid kits need replenishing.  It will take $200 to restock them.  We will retire one toolbox kit by making it into a training kit.  We also need 2 Wilderness kits.


Rick proposed purchasing 4 new Eureka 4-peson tents for $720.  The committee said to research the cost of 8, which would allow us to retire our current tents and use the 4 new we have in storage plus the 8 new ones.



7.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken reported that Scout Bucks accounts are updated through the BWCA, and statements are ready.  He is pursing $3,000 in overdrafts.  The total net Scout Bucks accounts is $2,730.  Debit cards have been requested for authorized checksigners.  The final 2008 budget will be presented.  Insurance is being investigated for the troop trailers.



8.  Fundraisers

Mark reported that bagging at Cub Foods is Thursday from 3-8.  The required uniform is Class B with long pants and close-toed shoes.  Mark and Joe Mikkelson will be the adult leaders.  The next signup is September 3 at 3:00, and Joe Mikkelson will go for us.


Joe Hetzer reported that popcorn sales will be from October 4 to November 2.  He will announce at the upcoming Court of Honor.


Chuck Fullerton announced that wreath sales will also be announced at the Court of Honor and will run from September 23 to October 27.  Orders will be due November 8, and delivery is November 22.  Chuck will coordinate pricing with the Pack.


The committee discussed opportunities to bag for the Twin Cities Marathon and do an engraved picket fence fundraiser and decided to pass.



9.  Community Service

No report, but Christy requested that the Advancement Recordkeeper receive the rosters from all community service events.



10.  Old Business

Roger reported that St. Stephens is interested in having us meet at their church at White Bear Avenue and County Road E.   Roger will schedule our next committee meeting for there.  Roger also reported that Deb Clarke’s parents have agreed to let us store our trailers at their farm in the future.


Roger reported that we are currently seeking the following adult leader positions:  Board of Review Coordinator, Webmaster (after revamping is complete), Manitou 15k Coordinator, Medical Forms Coordinator, Merit Badge Coordinator, and Advancement Committee Member.  Joe Markham volunteered for the Medical Forms Coordinator position.


12.  New Business

Christy gave her presentation on Wood Badge and encouraged the committee members to earn Wood Badge.


Roger gave the committee a presentation on the overhaul he is doing on the troop website.  He has restored to the website many things that had been removed due to lack of space, including old pictures, previous committee minutes, and previous years’ calendars.  The committee agreed that the website could serve as our troop’s history.  For it to be truly useful, though, would require constant input with every committee member providing material to update their section.  The committee agreed that Roger should continue with the overhaul.