December 11, 2008

1.  Welcome
This meeting was also our annual Adult Recognition Dinner.  The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2. Report from the PLC


3.  Scoutmaster Report
Tom DeGayner reported that on November 30 we had Johnny DeMay’s Eagle Court of Honor and the troop Flag Ceremony for our Eagles.  Tom has one flag left to distribute.

Tom reported that the axes we give our Eagles will no longer be plumb-colored but natural.  The Committee approved the request of Mark Hartman’s mother that he receive an axe.  The Committee also instructed Tom to send a letter to our only remaining Eagle who has not received an axe telling him that he may request one within a reasonable time period.

The Committee decided that we would give a flag to every one of our Eagles, and they would receive an axe at their Eagle Court of Honor or if they specifically request one.  Roger Scherping to see that this gets incorporated into our Troop Guidelines.

Tom was given approval to purchase 5 axes for distribution to next year’s Eagles.

Tom reported that we will have a troop court of honor on January 20.  At the meeting we will recognize the boys for their advancements since September and have our annual recognition of our adult leaders.  We would also like to have another year-in-review Powerpoint.  Roger will check with Christy Bartlett to see if she and Tim will do the Powerpoint. 

Tom will talk with the PLC about cleaning out our orange troop box.  He also reported that the PLC is working on planning upcoming activities, including the Lock-In and meeting activities.


4.  Camping Report
Todd Boehne reported that Snow Huskies/Spearhead is January 16.  We have 3 adults but not enough boys.  We have only 1 for 10 spots for Snow Huskies and 4 for 8 spots for Spearhead.  We need to promote this event.  Tom will promote it at Road to First Class, and Roger will send a troop email. 

February is supposed to be Eagle Cave, but Todd has not heard back from them.  March is Planning Weekend at Kiwanis.  April is Basic Skills at Fred C. 

May and June are undecided.  We may do Camp Ripley (including some hiking for Philmont) or Camp DuNord in Ely.  We may not do a bike trip in June.

Mark Beckers reported that there will be a Philmont meeting after the January 13 troop meeting.   There will be a hiking event on Saturday, January 10 at Tamarack or Stillwater to give everyone a chance to break in their new hiking boots.  Airfares for Philmont are about $372, and that is included in the estimated $1,200 fee.  Mark will also investigate the cost of a bus.

The troop will also put in for SeaBase in 2010.  Registration is January 15 to February 15.  The three options for the week are Sailing, Out Island, or Scuba Crew.


5.  Advancement Committee
Shelley Jokinen reported that they are meeting with the boys.  Roger to confirm with Christy that she received the Lion’s Club service hours she needed.


6.  Quartermaster Report
Rick Rausch reported that our troop trailers need to be moved to their new location in late 2009.  He said there are no major purchases planned at this time.  Mark reported that the first aid kits are being worked on (2 large and 3 small).


7.  Treasurer’s Report


8.  Fundraisers
Mark reported that bagging at Cub Foods is Saturday from 10-1 and 1-4.  There are 20 boys and 5 adults signed up.  Our next dates are January 31 and March 15.  The next signup is January 1.

Other fundraising activities discussed included fence painting again at Victoria Station, delivering food at Culvers on Monday nights, and Dome fundraising.  Roger will talk with MarySue Abel about these ideas.

Joe Hetzer reported that 21 Scouts sold popcorn.  The total was $4,855, and $1,931 was earned for ScoutBucks.

Chuck Fullerton reported that wreath sales totaled $16,041, and $6,812 was earned for ScoutBucks.

Mark reported that Mickman Bros. may be another option for next year for wreath vendor.  They have a quality product and appear to have competitive pricing.  Mark will investigate.  Michelle Willard knows about Mickman.

Roger suggested that maybe we could sell wreaths after Sunday services at St. Stephen’s. 


9.  Community Service


10.  Website Update
Roger proposed a new troop website policy.  National BSA has developed guidelines for Districts to follow in developing their websites, but no policy has yet been written for troops to follow.  Therefore, the proposed policy is based as closely as possible on the District guidelines and modified to fit our troop.  The policy was reviewed extensively and tabled for a future meeting.


11.  Old Business
Joe Markham reported that this year’s Friends of Scouting will be launched at the January Court of Honor.


12.  New Business
Roger reported that, thanks to our suggestion to the Council, the Salvation Army that wanted us to meet at their building is going to start their own Scout troop.

Roger and Tom suggested a policy that our troop merit badge counselors who handle Eagle-required merit badges should be registered with the District.  Roger to see if they can duplicate the registration information for us so we don’t need to fill out a second registration.  Roger will see that this new policy is added to our Troop Guidelines.

Roger reported that April 2009 is our 15th anniversary.  Tom will talk with the PLC about what they would like to do.

Roger reported that we are on track for the 2008 Quality Unit Award.  

Roger reported that our annual rechartering will begin next week.

The Committee discussed how pleased we are with our new meeting location.  Roger will thank Jim Woodruff and invite him to our January Court of Honor.  We will also ask if there is a service project we can do for them.

The Committee read the recent article that appeared in the White Bear Press about the DeMay Eagle Court of Honor and our troop Flag Ceremony.