February 26, 2008

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes from the last two meetings, with one correction to January.



2.  Report from the PLC – none



3.  Tomahawk Medications Issue Update

Tom DeGayner reported that Mark McCabe said he has doubled the staff for handling medications at Tomahawk, plus he has agreed to follow Wisconsin state law and will allow anyone with the appropriate medical certification (nurse, EMT, first responder, etc.) to be considered an employee of the camp and be allowed to hold and administer medications next year.  The new policy will be announced at an upcoming Roundtable.  The committee thanked Tom for pushing this issue to such a successful resolution.



4.  New Troop Meeting Place Process

Roger Scherping discussed his meeting with Mark Sather at the board meeting of the Rotary, our chartered organization, to discuss their helping us find a permanent meeting place.  The board was a sympathetic group and had a couple of immediate ideas (Bellaire School and Christ the King Church), and they invited the troop leadership to attend an upcoming Rotary membership meeting to update the membership on the activities of their chartered troop as well as to ask for their help in finding a meeting place.  Tom and Roger intend to present a slide show like the 2007 Year in Review that Tom gave at the last Court of Honor.  Mark Sather is to get back to us with the meeting date.  Janet Charbonneau will find us a contact at Bellaire School.



5.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom announced that Brian D. was elected our new SPL.  He is currently interviewing potential ASPL’s.  At our March 4 troop meeting we will have patrol leader elections, and then we will have an investiture ceremony for all new troop leaders. 


We also held Order of the Arrow elections, and 3 of the 4 candidates were elected.  The committee then held an election of adults, and Joe Markham and Mark Beckers were elected.


On March 11 we will have the new Scouts joining us, and we will have our annual New Scouts and Parents meeting at St. Mary’s Church, not School.  We have at least 6 new boys joining us from Pack 437, plus possibly some from 529.  Tom will look for an agenda from last year.  We intend to have several different adults speak.  We will finalize arrangements at the March 4 troop meeting.


Arrangements are being made for the Scouts who are having difficulty with swimming take lessons at Shoreview Community Center on one Tuesday night per month.  The cost would be $7 per night, and there may be as many as 8 boys interested, including some of the incoming Cub Scouts.  It is important that the boys learn to swim for advancement purposes and to enhance their experience at Tomahawk.



6.  Camping Report

Tom reported that March 28 is Planning Campout at Stearns in St. Cloud. 

April 11 is Basic Skills.  We have 22 boys signed up plus 6 boys from Pack 437 and possibly some from 529.

Our May campout will be May 30-June 1.

Our June campout will be June 20-22.

July is Tomahawk.  August will be High Adventure and a patrol campout.


It is time to start planning for Tomahawk.  Martina Grove and Christy Bartlett have agreed to handle that responsibility this year.


High Adventure – Troop high adventure for 2008 has not been determined yet.  Sea Base is full.



7.  Advancement Committee

Christy Bartlett presented the Advancement Status Report.  She and Janet Charbonneau are currently working with the boys who are Life rank.



8.  Quartermaster Report – none

Bill Johnson reported that we will need to find a place to store our troop trailers during the construction of the new Vadnais Heights City Hall a year from now.



9.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe reported that we still need to finish the 2008 budget.  Also, no further discussion has been held on the idea of insurance on our trailers and contents.  The use of debit cards was discussed for the checking account authorized signers, with the requirement that adequate reporting of the expenditures take place.



10.  Fundraisers

Keith Nelson reported that he is working on the upcoming Manitou 15k fundraiser.  We are looking for more race sponsors, so Keith will make a presentation at the March 11 meeting.  Keith is working on getting the course recertified.  We also need to find a new person to coordinate this event next year. 


Bill Johnson reported that the flowers fundraiser is underway.  The deadline for orders is March 25.  Flowers delivery will be May 3 from 8-10 am.  The committee decided that it is not necessary to arrange for the volunteers who unload the truck to receive compensation for their efforts.


Roger reported that he is preparing a mailing to see if any organization would be interested in having us provide bag lunches for their field tests as we did for Dennis Doffing’s group last year.  This would be a fundraiser for Philmont.


Roger reported that Ryan Solberg has expressed interest in a making another donation of Scout Firewood to Camp DuNord in the fall if we can work out the logistics.  Mike Cerney said that we would have facilities again in the fall, and Christy volunteered a place in Hugo.



11.  Community Service

Tom reported that we have volunteered to provide ushers for the Lion’s Club’s upcoming play, March 5-8.  We need at least 6 boys and 2 adults each night from 6:30 to 7:30.  Class A uniform is required.


April 26 is Scouting for Food.  The committee decided that we would work with the Pack and have both groups distribute bags the weekend before.  Mike to talk to Deb Clarke.


Roger explained the invitation we received to have our 15-17 year old boys participate in the Interact/Jr. Rotary service trip March 14-18.



12.  New Business

Joe Markham reported that for Friends of Scouting we have received 17 donations totaling $2,345 against our goal of 37 donations totaling $4,400.  All pledges are due May 2.


Roger presented the results of our recent rechartering.  We gained 5 boys during the year, from 38 to 43.  We didn’t really lose any boys, as the only active ones who didn’t recharter were 2 new 18 year olds and one boy who moved.  We did lose 13 registered adults, dropping from 44 to 32, but those we lost were all “veterans” whose sons have turned 18.


Roger discussed his desire to get all of our adult leaders trained in Youth Protection.  They have been given instructions to either take the training on line or take it at First Lutheran on April 3.  The next adult training we need to do is Merit Badge Counselor training, which is supposed to be done at the unit level, and Joe volunteered to provide contact info for a training rep who might be able to provide us with a PowerPoint presentation.



The committee approved the following revision to our Troop Guidelines, page 10, paragraph 3 under Camping, Troop Equipment.  "Our troop has made a considerable investment in equipment, and we do not feel that it is necessary for adults to lend their personal gear to the troop for any event. Anyone who loans their equipment to the troop for any troop activity does so at their own risk, and the troop will not reimburse anyone if the personal equipment they loan to the troop is lost or damaged."



The committee also approved these change to our Adult Leader Job Descriptions:

  • Committee Chairman: Revise "Ensures adult leaders are trained" by adding "and maintains training database."  Add: "Schedules and staffs Eagle Boards of Review"
  • Fundraising Coordinators: Revise "Arrange for materials" by adding "and submit fundraising orders to Treasurer before submitting to vendor"
  • Troop Treasurer: Add: "Audits and approves all fundraising orders before they are placed with vendor"