January 29, 2008

1.  Welcome

Roger Scherping to forward to the committee the minutes of the previous meeting along with the minutes from this one.


2.  Report from the PLC – none


3.  Tomahawk Medications Issue Update

Joe Markham reported that all legal avenues have apparently been exhausted.  Tom to talk to Jeff S., the council camping coordinator, to learn what their plan is to avoid last year’s problems.


4.  New Troop Meeting Place Process

Roger discussed our strategy to have the Rotary, our chartered organization, help us find a permanent meeting place because that is one of the main responsibilities of a chartered organization.  We will have the opportunity to attend a board meeting to discuss the issue with the Rotary leaders, as well as make a presentation at a general membership meeting.


5.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner discussed upcoming activities:

Feb. 5 – Begin troop and OA elections, sign up for Blue and Gold

Feb. 10 – Pack 437 Blue and Gold at Armory 2-4

Feb. 12 – Swimming fun night; perhaps do Tomahawk swim test and help Scouts who need swimming instruction

Feb. 19 – Troop and OA elections, Pack 437 Webelos visit, hand out flowers info

Mar. 11 – New scouts and parents meeting


Tom reported that Elias J.’s Eagle Board of Review will be scheduled soon.  Three more Scouts are on the verge: Patrick C., Brian C., and Jon K.


6.  Camping Report

Tom reported that Feb. 9 is dog sledding. 

March 28 is Planning Campout at Stearns in St. Cloud. 

April 11 is Basic Skills.

We have the opportunity to go back to Camp DuNord.  There would again be no charge, although we would have to do our own cooking and some clean up work.  We could go in the middle or end of May.  We would need to schedule in conjunction with the white water rafting and bike trips. 

We should do Camp Ripley again. 

September is canoeing, probably on the Namekagon.


High Adventure – Mark Beckers has volunteered to coordinate Philmont 2009.  The cost of Phimont will be $1,000 to $1,200.  We will need to do fundraisers.  The planning packet will arrive in mid-March.  We need to remember the tour permit! 


Troop high adventure for 2008 may include Sea Base or Northern Tier or something else.


There is much training that needs to take place for all high adventure campouts: 1 first aid certified, 1 CPR certified, and 1 Wilderness first aid certified. 


7.  Advancement Committee

Christy Bartlett presented the Advancement Status Report, which shows that we are successfully moving the boys through our program.  Steve Anastasi will be starting Personal Management in February.  We will offer a non-Eagle required merit badge at the same time.  Personal Fitness will be offered in the spring.  Merit badge counselor training is needed; Becky Johnson is checking on.


8.  Quartermaster Report – none


9.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe presented the latest financial statement.  He also presented a draft of a 2008 budget.  We discussed the idea of insurance on our trailers and contents but will need to discuss further outside the committee meeting.  We will have a deficit in our 2008 budget largely due to equipment purchases.  For 2009 we can get back to a balanced budget by cutting back on equipment purchase, raising dues, or dedicating some fundraising proceeds to the troop.


10.  Fundraisers

Keith Nelson discussed the upcoming Manitou 15k fundraiser.  It was decided to raise the entry fee to $20 with $25 on race day.  This increased fee revenue will pay for the increased cost of timing and for the course recertification.  We are looking for more race sponsors.  We also need to find a new person to coordinate this event next year. 


Bill Johnson reported that MarySue Abel and Linda Henry are starting to plan the flowers fundraiser.  They need to have the handout materials ready for the Feb. 19 meeting when the Webelos visit.  They also need to find a new baskets supplier this year.  Flowers pickup will be May 3 from 8-10 am. 


Ryan Solberg has expressed interest in a making another donation of Scout Firewood to Camp DuNord in the fall if we can work out the logistics.



The meeting was adjourned without discussing the remaining items on the agenda.