June 24, 2008

1. Tour of Salvation Army Facility

The committee toured the Salvation Army facility.


2. Review of Meeting Place Possibilities

The committee discussed the various meeting place possibilities:


Salvation Army: gym, kitchen, bus, camp in Finlayson, 10 boys who might join the troop, available every Tuesday, no cost to us


First Lutheran: rooms 110, 112 and 114, available every Tuesday, possibility of a large room later, kitchen, no cost to us although we committed to doing an annual service project. Mark Beckers will ask whether we would ever be asked to leave and whether we can have a tour during the next troop meeting on July 1.


Bradshaw Funeral Home: not an option


St. Pius: still awaiting their answer


Merrick (694 and LaBore): large building, lots of storage space for troop trailers. John Mercer will follow up with them.


St. Mary’s: remains a possibility as a meeting place, but we would always be bumped if there was ever a conflict with any faith-based activity at the church or school


Roger Scherping and Tom DeGayner discussed their presentation on June 11 at the White Bear Rotary (our charter partner). The presentation was enthusiastically received and thoroughly enjoyed. They were happy to hear that things are going well for their troop. They asked us to visit them yearly. At the end of the presentation Roger and Tom handed out business cards and asked people to call if they had any ideas for us. Several people brainstormed with them after the meeting about potential meeting places. One individual who owns a resort on Madeline Island in Michigan offered us a free night stay and dinner if we wanted to go out there. A couple of hours after the meeting Roger got a call about the Salvation Army. No other ideas for potential meeting places have been received.


The committee analyzed the various meeting place possibilities:


Salvation Army: Good – facility, exclusive use on Tuesdays. Bad – outside of our footprint. The question was raised whether we could use it as a fun night occasionally. If we do not utilize this space, we should try to find a neighboring Scout troop that would like to use it.


First Lutheran: Good – in our footprint, adequate rooms, fire ring and ballpark outside. Bad – concern about whether this will be permanent.


St. Mary’s: Good – in our footprint. Bad – rooms are really not adequate, access in summer is difficult.


Doffings are checking on St. Pius, and John Mercer will follow up with Merrick.


Roger will include in the weekly email an update to the troop on what our expectation is for making a decision. We will try to tour First Lutheran on July 1 and resolve all other possibilities in time to discuss the issue with any interested parents at the July 15 troop meeting. We expect to move into a new location on August 5.


Roger will initiate an email survey to ask the troop how they would feel about meeting outside of our footprint at the Salvation Army.


The committee discussed what to do about our trailers when we temporarily lose the Vadnais Heights facility. Deb Clarke will check with her father, Ken Rowe will check with an outdoor storage facility, and John Mercer will check with Merrick.


3. Jay R. Eagle Scout Service Project Review

Jay R. presented his proposed Eagle Scout Service Project. The committee provided feedback and a number of suggestions for the project. Once he has completed the suggested revisions, the committee recommended that Roger sign off on the project.


4. Welcome

Approved minutes from the last meeting with 2 corrections: the Scouts and adults were nominated (not elected) to the Order of the Arrow.


5. Report from the PLC



6. Scoutmaster Report

Tom reported that John C. would like to reschedule Brian’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Saturday, July 12 from 10 to noon. That time will be difficult for some members of the troop. Tom will ask John if the 11th or 13th would also work. If he wants to choose the 12th, Roger and Ken volunteered to plan the Court.


The troop held a Court of Honor on June 17, and we would like to thank Sara Hall and Christy Bartlett for their help with the event.


The troop went on a backpacking campout and a biking campout since the last committee meeting, and both we very successful, although the turnout was disappointing.


The committee discussed how we can determine why turnout on campouts has been down for awhile and how we can increase participation on campouts. Perhaps the patrol leaders can survey their patrols, or committee members can survey parents.


7. Camping Report

Todd Boehne reported that the August Patrol Campout will be a mandatory campout for those attending Philmont next year so that they can do some hiking on Saturday. The rest of the troop will work on advancement or other activities. In this way the campout will accommodate both older and younger Scouts.


The September campout is canoeing the Namekagon. There is an air show in Eau Claire that weekend. Tom will ask the PLC if they are interested in the air show.

Mark Beckers reported that at the swim test we will also have a planning meeting for the BWCA trip.


8. Tomahawk Planning

The swim test is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 8 at 7:00 pm at Maplewood Community Center. Ken will provide an alternative swim test for anyone who can’t make it. All other Tomahawk planning is on track.


9. Advancement Committee

Christy Bartlett handed out the latest advancement report. The Advancement Committee is working with several boys who are approaching their 18th birthday:


Jon K. (18 on August 12) – left a message for him

Johnny D. (September 12) – on track

Patrick C. (September 23) – done

Joe Mikkelson is the adult in charge of the second years, and Joe Markham has the first years.


10. Quartermaster Report

Rick Rausch reported that he is getting the trailers ready for Tomahawk. He was also authorized to purchase 4 new coolers before Tomahawk.


11. Treasurer’s Report

Ken reported that the troop’s cash reserves are adequate. Debit cards have been requested for authorized checksigners. Insurance is being investigated for the troop trailers.


12. Fundraisers

Keith Nelson reported that the Manitou 15k fundraiser was a great success. There were 149 racers and $700 in sponsor advertising. The new pricing was perfect, and we had lots more pre-registered racers. We received a nice letter from a participant who also manages a race. Twenty-eight Scouts earned $76.20 each for the event. Next year we should have flyers to hand out to people who might be interested the following year.


Mark reported that bagging at Cub Foods is July 3 from 3-8. The required uniform is Class B. Roger will include in the weekly email. Rick reported we have containers for tips. Mark would like another adult volunteer.


It was requested that Jordan B. send all updated event rosters to the troop email address every Wednesday for distribution to Tom, Todd and Mark. Roger to email Jordan.


11. Community Service



12. Adult Leader Training



13. New Business

Joe Markham reported that we missed our goal for Friends of Scouting by several hundred dollars.


The committee recommended that we consider Front Page Express to overcome the difficulties getting the troop website to publish successfully.