March 25, 2008

1.  Welcome

Approved minutes from the last meeting, with one correction.



2.  Report from the PLC

Brian D. reported that he would like to have a fun night every 2 months, possibly bowling, archery, swimming or fishing.  He wants to have a basic skills demo at every meeting plus an activity. 



3.  New Troop Meeting Place Process

Roger Scherping reported that he is meeting with Mark Sather to discuss the date of the Rotary membership meeting at which we can make our presentation. 



4.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner reported that Brian D. is our new Senior Patrol Leader, and Nick S. and Joe S. are his new Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders.  They are working on planning the upcoming troop meetings.  Also, 3 boys were elected to Order of the Arrow, as well as Mark Beckers and Joe Markham.  They will be called out at Tomahawk. 


The boys also elected 6 new patrol leaders (only one had been a patrol leader before).  We will attempt to have more emphasis on patrols at campouts this year.


We had five Cub Scouts join us at New Scouts and Parents Night, plus Kevin C. joined this week.  Tom is pursuing some other possibilities, including the sixth boy who was supposed to join us at New Scouts Night.


The format of the New Scouts and Parents Meeting was discussed.  Ideas included: Organize the first ten minutes better and perhaps give the parents time to fill out some of the forms.  Go over the adult leader job descriptions.  Perhaps spread the information over two or three meetings.


It was suggested that we consider assigning buddies for all of the first years, in addition to the troop guides.


Brian C. is our 35th Eagle Scout.


We have started hosting swimming lessons for boys who need help preparing for the swim test.  Three Scouts have been taking part.  Lessons are the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 at Shoreview Community Center.  The cost is $7.


5.  Camping Report

Tom reported that March 28 is Planning Campout at Stearns in St. Cloud.  He has signed up for a second building.  We are meeting at 6:30 at Otter Lake.  On the campout we will plan the remainder of the year and do BSA leadership training and team building exercises.


Tom is planning the 2009 Planning Campout.  It will be the third weekend in March at Fred C, Phillipo, or Kiwanis.  Tom will check the White Bear School calendar to make sure the date doesn’t coincide with spring break.


The boys would like to make this year’s bike trip another four-day ride to Duluth.  We will need adults to take a couple of days off work to participate.  We will also need a better route than that dangerous portion of Highway 61. 


White water rafting was planned for May 30 to June 1, but the outfitters are booked for a District event.  We might do it May 16 to 18.  We will discuss this weekend.


The Tomahawk fee for this summer is due by April 1 if we want to pay the reduced fee.  Tom is finalizing the roster to determine the payment amount.  T2 High Adventure will be an option for the older boys instead of merit badges.


We will also discuss high adventure for 2008 this weekend.



6.  Tomahawk Planning

Martina Grove reported that she is working on registration forms and packets.  We need to schedule the swim test, possibly at Hinckley again on the bike trip plus one other time.  The Tomahawk parents meeting is scheduled for June 10. 



7.  Advancement Committee

Christy Bartlett presented the Advancement Status Report.  The committee is working with the older boys.  The merit badge schedule is Personal Management, Personal Fitness and then the three Citizenships.



8.  Quartermaster Report

Jeanenne Rausch reported that the small trailer was cleaned up after the firewood move on Saturday.



9.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe reported that he is working on finishing fiscal 2008, which ended in February.  Scout Bucks statements were distributed in the Scout packets, and we have collected about $1,100.  We still need to finish the 2008 budget.  Also, no further discussion has been held on the idea of insurance on our trailers and contents or on the use of debit cards.



10.  Fundraisers

Keith Nelson reported that he is working on the upcoming Manitou 15k fundraiser.  One sponsor has signed up so far, and he is soliciting both sponsors and runners.  The course will be recertified.  T-shirts will be ordered in May, and the boys have been asked to design the shirt by April 15.


Bill Johnson reported that the flowers fundraiser is proceeding, with all orders due today.  Flowers delivery will be May 3 from 8-10 am. 


Roger reported that he sent a mailing to see if any organization would be interested in having us provide bag lunches for their field tests as we did for Dennis Doffing’s group last year.  Fifty-one flyers were mailed, and we received one inquiry.


Mark Beckers reported that he is investigating bagging groceries at Cub as a fundraiser for Philmont.  The next month that is available is July.  Other fundraising ideas are required for Philmont.


Mike Cerney said that we would have facilities for Scout Firewood again in the fall.  This weekend the remaining bagged wood was moved to Hugo for storage.



11.  Community Service

April 26 is Scouting for Food.  Because of Elias J.’s Eagle Court of Honor on the preceding Saturday, the committee decided that we would work with the Pack and have both groups solicit donations on the 26th.  Deb Clarke will attend next month’s Roundtable to get our information.


Tom reported that we provided ushers for the Lion’s Club’s play on March 5 to 8.  The committee decided that we would do it again next year, but we need to do a better job of staffing, especially providing the required number of Scouts and providing more older boys.  We also need to do a better job of supervising the boys.


Heritage Park cleanup will be April 22.  Bill Johnson will check with the city.  We will do dinner beforehand.


Roger to contact St. John’s about the annual cemetery clean up.



12.  New Business

Roger reported that Becky Johnson will no longer be serving as our Court of Honor Coordinator. 


Roger discussed the need to get all of our adult leaders trained in Youth Protection.  They have been given instructions to either take the training on line or take it at First Lutheran on April 3. 


Roger distributed an annual planning calendar that he uses to schedule troop activities.


Bill Johnson reminded the committee that a year from now we will temporarily lose our trailer storage places at Vadnais Heights.  Roger will talk with Mark Sather tomorrow about the possibility of storing them at a White Bear Lake facility.