May 27, 2008

1. Welcome

Approved minutes from the last meeting.


2. Report from the PLC



3. New Troop Meeting Place Process

Roger Scherping reported that the date of the Rotary membership meeting at which we can make our presentation is June 11. In the meantime, troop members are making inquiries at First Lutheran and St. Pius. We will tour Bradshaw Funeral Home to see if we want to take them up on their offer of meeting there. Gem Lake will not be able to let us store our troop trailers at Heritage Hall next year. If we don’t find a meeting place soon, we may need to develop a more systematic approach to finding a location, including possibly a school during the school year and St. Mary’s during the summer.


4. Scoutmaster Report

The committee reviewed a request to withdraw Scout Bucks funds by a Scout who is no longer registered with the troop. The request was denied due to our insistence on adhering to the troop guidelines for the use of Scout Bucks. Roger will propose a revision to the Scout Bucks section of our troop guidelines clarifying the reasons why Scout Bucks is administered as it is. Primarily the reason is that we need to not jeopardize our tax-exempt status. The money was raised with the understanding that it would be used by the Scout for Scouting activities, and it is our fiduciary responsibility to insist that that rule be followed.

Tom DeGayner reported that Jordan J., Nick S-L, and Sean K. were nominated to the Order of the Arrow. Adult leaders Joe Markham and Mark Beckers were also nominated .

The troop was considering canceling this weekend’s backpacking campout to aid in the cleanup efforts in Hugo, but there are already enough volunteers.

The PLC meeting time will be reviewed.

For the upcoming Brian C. Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Deb Clarke will send the script to Tom, Roger and Christy Bartlett for review. Deb to talk to the church’s youth minister about talking about Brian’s project. Tom will work on getting additional pictures.

The St. John’s cemetery clean up was cancelled by the church due to the weather. They said that their youth group got enough done that we will not need to reschedule. This is the first time in our 14 years that we have not done this service project.

We have a troop Court of Honor on June 17. Sara Hall will be planning it. Roger to resend to her the planning list with a sample program. Sara will work with the boys who are planning the event at the June 10 troop meeting. Tom is working on Scoutmaster conferences. Any needed Boards of Review will happen on June 3 or 10.


5. Camping Report

Todd Boehne reported that the June campout is biking back from Duluth. We will spend Wednesday night in Duluth. Scouts who cannot attend the whole trip can join us on Friday night in Hinckley.

The May campout is backpacking at Moose Lake State Park. We will leave on Friday night. Saturday will be spent hiking Devil’s Track Gorge.


6. Tomahawk Planning

We have the annual Parents Meeting for Tomahawk on June 10. We need to decide who will talk at the meeting. Joe Markham has agreed to take the First Responder training in order to handle our medications this year. Tom will follow up with Martina on the status of the planning. The swim test is not set yet.


7. Advancement Committee



8. Quartermaster Report

Rick Rausch was authorized to purchase 4 new backpacking tents.


9. Treasurer’s Report



10. Fundraisers

Keith Nelson reported that the planning for the upcoming Manitou 15k fundraiser is on track. We still need volunteers. Julie Feirtag will handle the finish line activities, and someone will need to coordinate the volunteers.

Mark Beckers reported that bagging fundraisers are planned for July 3 and 13, and additional days will be signed up for. Preference for these fundraisers will be given to the boys participating in high adventure campouts.


11. Community Service

Deb Clarke reported that we raised 1,400 pounds of food for Scouting for Food. We raised 1,600 last year, but we did extremely well this year considering the cold, snowy weather.


12. Adult Leader Training



13. New Business

Roger reported that we did not reach our goal for Friends of Scouting.