October 30, 2008

1.  Welcome
Minutes from the last meeting were approved.


2.  Report from the PLC
None.  Tom DeGayner reported that they are working on activity plans for upcoming meetings.


3.  Scoutmaster Report
We have two new Eagle Scouts: Johnny D. and Jon K. 

We had decided last month to change one of our Eagle awards from a flag to a book.  It turns out, however, that it is very easy to order these flags.  We have 24 Eagles who have never received them.  Tom placed an order for 24 with Betty McCollum’s office, and they should be received by next week.  The cost was about $13 each.

The size of the order attracted some attention.  McCollum’s office said that she would like to be there when we hand them out if we hand them out at a ceremony.  The DeMays are having their Court on November 30 at 1:00 at St. Mary’s, and they volunteered to have us hold this flag ceremony afterwards. 

We will hold this event regardless of whether McCollum attends.  Tom and Vicki DeGayner volunteered to coordinate the event.

We decided to make this ceremony a chance to invite all of our former Eagles and their families back.  We will send invitations to all of our Eagle Scouts and invite Tim Anders, too.

Roger Scherping wants to use the names and addresses to solicit materials for our website’s memorabilia section.

We have 4 of the plumb colored Eagle Scout axes left.  We want to continue this tradition.  We need to change to a blonde axe; it would still have the BSA engraving on the blade and handle.  We then add an engraved plaque with the boy’s name and buy a scabbard.  The cost is about $50 for the axe.  We could buy them at the Scout Office or on the internet.  Tom will check on quantity pricing and ask Ken Rowe about finances.

Young Eagles is actually on November 15, not November 1.  Roger will notify the people who are signed up. 

The Centennial Jamboree is in Virginia from July 26 to August 10, 2010.  Our council will send 324 youth and 36 adults from 9 troops.  The cost is $2,400 per person.  Attendees must have completed Wood Badge.  

Tom received a Philmont 2010 registration form, but we are ineligible.  He also received information on the Eagle Scout Scholarship program and the 2008 Toys for Tots, which he will give to the PLC.

Scouting for Food is Saturday, April 25, 2009.  Tom will give the flyer to Deb Clarke.


4.  Camping Report
Tim Willard reported on Merit Badge Weekend.  Tony Kopa is helping with entertainment.  Roger Scherping and Todd Boehne are planning the meals.  John Mercer is doing Cooking merit badge.  Jeff Abel is doing Model Design and Building.  Pat Mahoney is doing Law.  Tim is doing Computers.  There are 18 Scouts signed up, and we need to verify what classes they want.  Christy is checking on another troop that may want to join us. 

December is the Lock-In.  January is Spearhead/Snow Huskies.  February is tentatively Eagle Cave.  March is Planning Weekend.  April is Basic Skills.  All facilities are reserved and deposits paid (except Eagle Cave).


5.  Advancement Committee
Christy Bartlett reported that they are continuing to meet with boys.  She has also received Zack K’s advancement records.

Deb Clarke wants to start Family Life merit badge on November 18.  Quintin A. will start a sign up sheet.


6.  Quartermaster Report
Rick Rausch is working on winterizing the troop’s equipment.


7.  Treasurer’s Report


8.  Fundraisers
Joe Mikkelson will call to find out when the next signup day is for bagging.

Bill Johnson reported that there was a baseball team at the Ramsey County compost site unloading leaves for tips.

Popcorn orders are due today.

Chuck Fullerton reported that wreath orders are due today, too.  Chuck will contact Jordan B. about a signup sheet for unloading wreaths.

There were no updates on the Calvary wood project.


9.  Community Service
None.  We have not had a report on community service in about a year.  The committee discussed expanding our level of community service.  We only did a few events last year.  This is an important part of Scouting that we are neglecting.  We discussed Toys for Tots, Feed My Starving Children, food shelves, Habitat for Humanity, and other programs that we could take part in.  Tim will forward to Roger information on an opportunity in Oakdale.  Roger will talk with our Community Service Co-Chairs.


10.  Old Business
The committee decided that effective November 11 our new meeting place will be St. Stephen’s Church.

Joe Markham reported that our Friends of Scouting base goal is $5,300 and our growth goal is $6,360.  We did make our base goal last year.  We will launch this at the January Court of Honor.  Joe will approach our alumni this year, too, and use the addresses compiled for our upcoming Eagle flag ceremony.


11.  New Business
Christy has not heard back from Pack 437 about transferring Scout Bucks for our new boys and about payment for this year’s Basic Skills campout.

Roger reported that Steve Anastasi is our new Webmaster.  He is working with Steve Larsen on a better way to display pictures; Roger to talk with them about the advertising on the site.  The Committee discussed the youth protection aspects of the website and whether we would allow the display of Eagle Scout Court of Honor programs to be displayed.  Roger will research what the BSA policy is.

Roger reported that our annual Adult Recognition Dinner and Committee meeting will be Thursday, December 11.  Last year having the boys wait while the adults ate was a problem.  Roger to determine what to do about them this year.

Roger reported that next April is our troop’s 15th anniversary.  Ideas discussed included inviting everyone to Tomahawk, holding an event in April, or having something at the June Court of Honor.  We would need to do a PowerPoint presentation.  We will discuss further at the next Committee meeting.  Roger will include a note in the upcoming troop emails.

Roger will report next month on our progress toward the Quality Unit Award for 2008.  We want to ensure that we receive the 2010 special Quality Unit Award by winning the annual awards through 2009.

Bill asked about our participation levels in fundraising and community service and asked whether we should conduct surveys of the boys to determine why attendance is low.  The Committee discussed whether we need more variety in events and locations.  The Planning Campout next year should really emphasize new ideas.  The PLC needs to decide May through July now, though, so that reservations can be made far enough in advance.