September 30, 2008

1.  Tour of St. Stephen’s Facility

We toured the facility with Pastor Jim Woodruff.  They have a large meeting room with excellent acoustics that would be an excellent meeting room for us.  There is a large grassy area outside and a large parking lot with a basketball hoop.  There is even a separate youth room with a big screen TV, computer games, and a full kitchen.  The Church genuinely welcomed us to meet there, and Tuesday nights will virtually always be available to us.  The location is slightly south of our current location, so Roger Scherping will send out a troop email describing the facility and asking our troop families for comments on the location.



2.  Welcome

One correction to the minutes from the last meeting: It should have said that it was Brian Clark’s Court of Honor that went well, not his Board of Review.



3. Report from the PLC

Brian D. has been looking for a date for a fun night, and we have decided on November 4.  He will take a poll to see if people want to go bowling or swimming.  He will still pursue the idea of using a theme for the troop meetings.  Knots or tug of war may be the next meeting’s theme.  Christy Bartlett proposed that we follow one of the Wood Badge ideas of having one patrol in charge of each meeting, including planning the program and the activity, doing flags, doing setup, etc.  Brian will bring up at the next PLC meeting.



4. Scoutmaster Report

We had a troop Court of Honor last week.  We will make some changes to the script.  The boys should also prepare for the meeting beforehand so that the event runs smoother.  We should also be sure to announce the names of the boys who are not able to attend in order to recognize them for their achievements.


Brian D. will bring up at the PLC meeting the Council’s Ski and Snowboard Days at Powder Ridge. 


The committee discussed the North Star Scouting Museum in North St. Paul . 



5.  Camping Report

Todd Boehne reported that we had to cancel Camp Ripley because it was not available for what we wanted to do.  We will reschedule for next year when we can book more fun activities.


Pack 437 has asked if we could move our Planning Weekend Campout to the second weekend in March so as not to overlap with their Polar Camp.  Todd will check to see if we can move to the second weekend.  Also, the Pack’s Blue and Gold is February 8.


Todd reported that the Namekagon canoe trip was very enjoyable. 


Our October campout has been rescheduled for October 10-12.  We will do the District Fall Camporee. 


November 7 is Merit Badge Weekend at Rum River , and Ken Rowe will coordinate.  Tim Willard is doing a merit badge survey.  We may add an Eagle-required merit badge for the older boys.


December 13 is the Lock-In at Shoreview Community Center , and Christy invited Pack 437.  January 16-18 will be Snow Huskies/Spearhead at Tomahawk. 


February is yet to be determined – possibly dog sledding.   March is the Planning Weekend, and April is Basic Skills.


The committee decided it would be a good idea to locate the campout signup sheets near the door at our weekly troop meetings in order to encourage people to sign up for campouts.


Next year’s High Adventure campout is Philmont.  Mark Beckers reported that the October installment for 16 people has been paid.  Mark will determine the latest date at which we need to provide the final roster since we have 23 people signed up – the deadline might be May.  Wilderness First Aid Training is required for 1 person per crew.  The committee will reimburse Mark for his training and consider it a troop expense, and other individuals can ask the committee for approval to take the training at troop expense.  Rick Rausch and Tom DeGayner are approved for the training.  Bill Johnson will check whether Travis will hold this training for us.



6.  Advancement Committee

Christy handed out the Advancement Report.  Need Zack C.’s advancement records; his transfer application has been submitted to the council.  She reported that we had many advancements at Tomahawk.


The committee has been meeting with the boys, especially the older boys who are 17.  They have also met with the younger boys to get to know them.


Christy commended Joe Markham and Joe Mikkelson for their efforts with the Road to First Class Program because the program is very helpful in achieving advancements, and the committee agreed.


Christy needs Eagle service project hours for the Lions Play in March.  Mark will ask Jordan if there were sign up sheets. 



7.  Quartermaster Report

The First Aid kits are being overhauled.  Mark reported that the Wilderness Kits should be replaced and should be used only for backpacking and wilderness campouts.  Mark will research new Wilderness Kits.  The regular kits need to be replenished, and he has already been approved to spend $200. 


Rick purchased eight new Eureka 4-person tents.  We sold 8 of our old tents to a Cub Scout pack for $25 each.  Rick is also preparing all troop equipment for the winter.



8.  Treasurer’s Report

Tom reported that Ken will mail a check for the Court of Honor for St. Mary’s. 



9.  Fundraisers

The committee discussed the fact that we don’t always have strong participation in some of our fundraisers.  It was decided that as long as we have adequate participation, we will continue to look for additional fundraising opportunities because those families that are interested will then have the opportunity to raise money for Scouting.


Mark reported that bagging at Cub Foods is December 13 from 10-4.  The required uniform is Class B with long pants and close-toed shoes.  The next signup is tomorrow, and Mark and Joe Mikkelson will go for us.


Mark will talk to the ranch about fence painting again.  This fundraiser was well received, and the boys got a good lesson in the rewards for hard work.


Popcorn sales end October 27.  Joe Hetzer should bring some more flyers to the next troop meeting.  Roger will talk with Joe.


Chuck Fullerton announced that wreath sales will run until October 27. 


Ryan Solberg presented a fundraising opportunity to prepare and kit parts for his Calvary projects.  He would pay $2,000 for the boys to provide labor for the project.  The project won’t start for 6 weeks, and the 300-400 kits will be required next spring.  This should be run like the wood stuffing project with the boys meeting on a Saturday to do the work together under supervision.



10.  Community Service – no report



11.  Old Business 

Roger reported that we have the following new adult leaders: Shelly Jokinen, Board of Review Coordinator and Advancement Committee Member; and Tim Willard, Merit Badge Coordinator.  We are currently seeking the following adult leader positions: Webmaster, Manitou 15k Coordinator, and Fundraising Coordinator.


Roger gave the committee a presentation on the overhaul he is doing on the troop website.  He has moved the website to a new host where we have more storage space and more functionality.  He has restored to the website many things that had been removed years ago due to lack of space, including old pictures, previous committee minutes, and previous years’ calendars.  The committee agreed that the website should serve as our troop’s history.  For it to be truly useful, though, we will require constant input with every committee member providing material to update their section.  The committee agreed that Roger should continue with the overhaul.



12.  New Business

Roger is scheduling an evening to have Eagle Boards of Review for 2 of our Scouts, Jon K. and Johnny D.  We will try for Sunday, October 5.


Joe Markham will be our FOS Coordinator again this year, and Roger will discuss this with him at the upcoming Roundtable.  This year we will see if we can get donations from the parents of some of our Eagle alumni.


Roger proposed that, since we seem to have difficulty getting flags for our Eagle Scouts, instead of providing each of them a flag, we should provide them with a copy of “Legacy of Honor: The Values and Influence of America’s Eagle Scouts.”  The committee agreed.