December 29, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

1. Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2. Report from PLC

3. Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau reported on our recruiting efforts for Packs 529 and 437.  He is going to send invitations to join our troop to their Webelos II.  Jim will find out how many Scouts we will have joining us in March.  He will also get contact information on Pack 529.  Jeff Abel will prepare the camping gifts for them for their first meeting with our troop.
The dates for Pack 437’s Polar Camp and Blue and Gold Banquet have been changed to February 6 and March 21, 2010 respectively.

Jim will determine which boys are eligible for Order of the Arrow election. Troop and OA elections will be held at the
February 9, 2010 meeting.

Jim is looking for recommendations on who to send to Grey Wolf leadership training this year.  The Committee will decide in January whether or not to send Scouts this year.  Part of the determination will be whether we can afford it.
Dan G. successfully completed his Eagle Scout Board of Review and became our 41st Eagle Scout.

4. Camping Subcommittee
Mary Sue Abel reported that
Eagle Cave is scheduled for the weekend of January 22.  We may be short on drivers.
Dog sledding is reserved for February 20 as a day trip to Duluth.  Mary Sue will also look into the Council’s skiing and snowboarding event at Buck Hill in Burnsville.

March is our Planning Weekend at Phillippo.  April is the Basic Skills campout.

We are planning to do white water rafting on May 21-23.  Unfortunately, this conflicts with the Council’s 100th Anniversary Camporee, which will be a very unique event that will be attended by many troops.  Jim will ask the PLC which event they want to attend.

Merit Badge Weekend at Phillippo was a success in November.  We had many Scouts who worked on merit badges there, including a high level of participation in the Eagle-required badges, Personal Fitness and Citizenship in the Nation.

The December Lock-In at Shoreview Community Center was also good and had an excellent turnout.  The final cost for the event may be less than what we originally anticipated.

A discussion was held about the appropriateness of siblings attending campouts other than those designated as “family campouts.”  Concerns that were raised included insurance, establishing a precedent, and how comfortable the boys feel about it.  Roger will look into the insurance aspect of the issue and report back to the Committee.

Mary Sue sent an email to those on the SeaBase rosters about airfare. Those on the scuba roster are responsible for finding their own airfare that would fit the arrival time; group rates do not apply to those on the scuba roster.  Those on the sailing roster would be able to get group rates, but it would be more costly (about $40 more per ticket).  In general, airfare through Southwest runs about $500 per ticket while Northwest/Delta is running about $340. She is looking into booking online to save money.  Mary Sue will talk to Ken Rowe about airfare booking.

Michelle Willard has agreed to collect health forms for SeaBase. Scuba health forms are due by February 15.

Rick Rausch noted that we just need to dig out some tarps from the troop trailers for
Eagle Cave, but everything is currently in winter storage.

Jeff Abel reported that there are some sleeping pads and backpacks that we could purchase at the surplus store for the transferring Webelos.  He also reported that some of the inexpensive sleeping pads there would be good to take to SeaBase Sailing.

5. Advancement Subcommittee
Tim Willard noted that the subcommittee has a list of older Scouts to talk with about how they are progressing towards Eagle.  Tim will give a copy of this list to Jim.

Tim also reported that our next Court of Honor will be January 19.  We had several complaints that our last Court of Honor in September was too long.  The Committee reiterated that Courts of Honor are for recognizing the Scouts, and that should be the primary focus.  Shelly Jokinen is working on the planning for the next Court of Honor.

Tim has implemented a new process for conducting Boards of Review.  This process will let the subcommittee know who has passed Scoutmaster conferences and who is ready for a Board of Review.

Roger discussed whose responsibility it is to turn in to the troop record keeper the rosters for our various events.  It is the scribe’s responsibility to turn in attendance after troop meetings.  Eagle Scout candidates are responsible for turning in rosters for their Eagle projects.  The adults who are in charge of fundraisers (like bagging), troop service projects, and campouts are responsible for turning in rosters for those events.  This is especially important when those rosters are used for charging people’s ScoutBucks accounts.

Roger will check with Christy Bartlett about whether she is still missing rosters from 2 recent campouts.

6. Fundraising Subcommittee
Michele Willard reported that Ted Wallerstedt has continued to sign us up for grocery bagging fundraisers.  We are signed up for grocery bagging at the White Bear Cub Foods in January.

We will need to find someone to take over as wreath fundraiser coordinator.  Roger and Michele will work to find someone.

Michele reported that she will coordinate the flowers fundraiser this year and that it will kick off at the January Court of Honor.  Orders will be due on March 8.

Jim Letourneau will do the presentation for Friends of Scouting at the January Court of Honor.  Roger will handle the administrative side of FOS this year.

7. Community Service Subcommittee
We do not have any organized community service scheduled for the next several months.

Jim Hering has heard back from the Comforts of Home Center but so far has not been able to pick out a tentative date for doing any service there.

A proposal was presented to the Committee to follow up on our earlier Adopt-A-Family service project and collect some gently used items for the needy.  While this is a worthwhile cause, it does not fit the BSA definition of service projects.  It does not involve the boys; instead it is just their parents who will be collecting the items.  The boys do not accumulate any service hours because they have no role in the event.  The BSA definition of a service project involves the boys providing their time in service to others, like collecting food at Scouting for Food, not directly donating to the befitting organization.  Finally, we did not see broad participation in the Adopt-A-Family program.

Jim requested that the Committee consider some ideas for community service in the March or April timeframe.

8. Website Subcommittee
No report.  Steve Anastasi is beginning to build a team to transfer our site to the new site.

9. Treasurer’s Report
No report.

10. Old Business
The Committee reviewed the proposed addition to our Troop Guidelines regarding High Adventure planning.  The Committee voted to adopt the addition.

The Committee discussed high adventure options for 2011, including signing up for Northern Tier in 2011 instead of going back to Philmont.  We are ineligible to go back to Philmont in 2010.  MarySue will lead the process of evaluating several high adventure options to propose to the boys. 

11. New Business
Roger presented a document called “Troop 494 Expectations” which will help all of our Scouts, parents and adult leaders understand what they can expect from our troop and what we will expect from them.  The idea is to prevent any issues caused by unclear expectations.  The Committee approved these Expectations as an addition to our Troop Guidelines.  Roger will email this to the troop and will develop a plan to communicate it in the future.

Roger reported that he will investigate how we can hold special needs awareness classes for our boys and adult leaders.

Roger reported on the results of our 2010 rechartering.  We started 2009 with 43 Scouts and ended with 31. We lost 8 Scouts this year, which is unusual for us, although 3 who left were never active and 1 moved.  Three other Scouts became adult leaders.  Overall we retained 92% of our boys this year, another outstanding achievement.  We also have 41 registered adult leaders now.
We achieved the Quality Unit award for 2009.

Roger presented a brief introduction to the 2010 Quality Unit program.  Jim will present it to the PLC to get their thoughts.

Jim reported that our FOS goals for this year are $4,800 base goal and $5,300 stretch goal.

Roger reported that we will need to find a Tomahawk co-coordinator for 2010.  MarySue is willing to help with the planning process.

12. Comments/Closing
The meeting was adjourned at
9:15 pm.