February 24, 2009

Jim Letourneau reported that it looks as though Manitou and Sunrise Districts will probably combine.  We were North Lakes District when the two were combined years ago.  The reason to combine is that each district is smaller than the preferred size.  This won’t mean a lot to the unit members, but it does mean that Roundtable will move north (Sunrise goes all the way to Rush City). 


1.  Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved with corrections.


2. Report from the PLC
Nick S. wants to reinforce the use of the patrol method.  He has a troop meeting roster prepared for the meetings. 


3.  Scoutmaster Report
Tom DeGayner reported that he just came from Pack 438’s bridging ceremony.  We will get one boy from 438.  Pack 437’s Blue and Gold was last weekend.  We will get 7-8 boys from 437.  On March 22 is the Forest Lake Pack’s Blue and Gold.  We will get one boy from there.  Pack 529 said there is no interest this year.  This is a total of 9-10 new Scouts we can expect.

New patrol leaders are in place.  OA elections resulted in 3 of the 12 eligible boys being elected.

March 10 is the New Scouts and Parents Meeting night.  Tom will prepare an agenda for presentations to the parents, and we will recruit parents to talk about the various topics.  Roger will prepare folders only for the new Scouts this year. 

University of Scouting is March 21 at Lakeville South.  Junior Leader College is in Osseo on the same weekend as Basic Skills (April 17).  We will be doing troop position-specific training at the March campout. 

Graywolf recommendations are: Brian B., Greg B., Sam W. and Nick A.  We will apply for 2 positions.

In the next few weeks the boys will clean out the troop orange box.  We may do it during a meeting.

We will solicit ideas from the PLC for the troop’s 15th anniversary.  We need to find an adult to coordinate the event.

4.  Camping Report
Travis Johnson discussed the scheduling of high adventure training.  First Aid is 1-1/2 hours, and CPR is 2 hours.  Combined cost is $60.  Wilderness First Aid is a 16-hour class.  Travis will contact the individuals to set up the classes.

MarySue Abel is our new Camping Coordinator.  She reported that at the Planning Weekend she will try to introduce some new ideas for the boys for this year.

MarySue reported that March 27 is Planning Weekend at Kiwanis.  April 17 is Basic Skills at Fred C.  May and June are still undecided. 

Mark Beckers reported that we need to mail our Philmont deposit tomorrow.  We can add participants up until the time we arrive at Philmont.  We have 19 people signed up right now, but we will pay only for the minimum of 16 people.  After the March 24 troop meeting, there will be a Philmont trek planning meeting.  CPR and First Aid training are required for everyone attending Philmont. 

The troop entered the lottery for SeaBase in August 1-8, 2010, including 1 scuba and 2 sailing crews, and one Scuba group has won.

Nancy Vanderheider has agreed to be our new Tomahawk co-coordinator and will work with Martina Grove.  The troop will be recruiting for boys who want to attend T2 this summer.


5.  Advancement Committee
Christy Bartlett reported that advancements are progressing well.  The boys are evenly distributed across the ranks.  Some boys are close to Eagle and approaching their 18th birthday.

Tim Willard asked the Committee whether the merit badge counselors should retain the partial merit badge cards.  The preference is to leave the choice to the particular counselor.


6.  Quartermaster Report
None.  Mark reported that the first aid kits are being worked on (2 large and 3 small).


7.  Treasurer’s Report
Scout Bucks statements were mailed, and a third of the overdrafts have already been paid.  There are about 23 remaining.

Ken reported that our budget for 2009-2010 is set.

We discussed the issue of insurance on the troop trailers.  Ken to talk with Rick Rausch about an inventory of contents and costs of the trailers so he can get a quote.


8.  Fundraisers
Keith Nelson reported that the Manitou 15k is June 6.  He has begun the online publicity and registration.  There are already 6 registrants.  We will do another t-shirt design contest with the boys.  He will begin soliciting sponsors in March.  Roger is looking for a new coordinator to work with this event in the future.

Mark reported that bagging at Cub Foods is on March 15.  All of our boys have to be at least 12 years old.  The next signup is March 3 at 10:00, and Mark will attempt to get a date for June.

Other fundraising activities that Roger needs to follow up with a new fundraising coordinator are car wash, fence painting again at Victoria Station, delivering food at Culvers on Monday nights, and Dome fundraising.  Mark will work with the new fundraising coordinator about using Mickman Bros. as another option for next year for wreath vendor.  They have a quality product and appear to have competitive pricing.

MarySue reported that the flowers fundraiser has begun.  March 24 is the order due date.

Mike Cerney reported that we could start Scout Firewood again.  We discussed the idea of finding a market.  Ryan Solberg had reported that we may be able to sell to state parks now.  Mike to check with Ryan.


9.  Community Service
None.  Roger proposed reviving our community service program in 2009.  He will look for coordinators to make this a priority again.


10.  Old Business
There was no Friends of Scouting update.

We have received the payment from Pack 437 for their Scout Bucks and for the Basic Skills fees.  

Roger reported that the Scoutmaster Search Subcommittee will be finalizing the questionnaire this week, and the interviews with the 3 candidates are in March.  The recommendation will be presented to the Committee at the April meeting.


11.  New Business
Roger proposed our annual revisions to the Troop Guidelines, and the revisions were approved with minor changes.

Roger discussed the adult leader needs that we have now: Fundraising Chair, Community Service Coordinator, and Manitou 15k Coordinator.  He is working to fill these positions.

Christy was nominated as this year’s adult Order of the Arrow candidate.

Christy is researching how to start a Religious Emblem program.  She is looking for a program coordinator.

Roger and Tom discussed the need for a campout participation survey.  They proposed developing a questionnaire and calling parents to determine why our Scout campout participation is so low.  Possible reasons are money, time, interest, schedule conflicts, awareness, etc.  We could also ask what it would take to get more parents to attend.  MarySue would like to help with this task.  We can also encourage parents to attend the March 10 Parents Meeting and ask for their input then.