January 27, 2009

1.  Welcome

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2. Report from the PLC


3.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner reported that we just had our January Court of Honor.  Unfortunately there were only 2 rank advancements.  We expect more in June. 

SPL and OA elections are this Tuesday.  There is only one candidate so far for SPL.  Scott Betlach will be here for the OA elections.  Ballots are being finalized.  We don't have final records for some of the boys who transferred here.  We will have 8 to 10 boys eligible.  Ben H. is our new OA Rep.  The following week the SPL will select his assistants, and that Tuesday is PLC elections. 

In the next few weeks the boys will clean out the troop orange box.  We may do it during a meeting.

We are working on recruiting Cub Scouts.  We will be getting 5-7 boys from Pack 437, and we may also get some from Pack 529.  The connection with Pack 529 may take a few years to cultivate.   Roger Scherping reported that he has also talked with Pastor Jim about inviting any boys from St. Stephen's to join us.  Roger will be writing a piece for their bulletin and their newsletter.  We will invite anyone interested to a troop meeting in February.  We may also post some recruitment posters at the church.

We will solicit ideas from the PLC for the troop's 15th anniversary.  We need to find an adult to coordinate the event.

We need to select boys to attend Graywolf (formerly Junior Leader Training).  The training is on Leave No Trace and leadership.  Scouts must at least 13, and younger boys are preferred in order to most benefit the troop.  This is a week-long program in June and July.  Tom will recommend 2 boys and 2 alternates at the next Committee meeting. 

Joe Markham discussed University of Scouting on March 21 at Lakeville South.   This is for adult training on many different topics. 

Joe reported that there are new medical forms.  For 2009 the existing forms will still be accepted.  The new form will be required for national events in 2010, and the Council may require it for anything else in 2010.  It replaces the Class I, II and III forms.  Both adults and boys will now be required to have a physical every year, not every three years.  There are also height and weight requirements for national events, and councils and troops need to enforce them for any strenuous event.  The form requires a social security number, a copy of the health insurance card, and a talent/media release.  The form is available at Scouting.org.    

4.  Camping Report

Tom reported that we have dog sledding on February 7.  We can send up to 40 people, but 8 is the best group size. 

March 27 is Planning Weekend at Kiwanis.  April 17 is Basic Skills at Fred C.  This conflicts with Junior Leader College. 

May and June are undecided.  We may do Camp Ripley (including some hiking for Philmont) or Camp DuNord in Ely.  We may not do a bike trip in June.

Mark Beckers reported that we have airline reservations for Philmont for $290.  At the end of the trip the group will visit the Air Force Academy.  Arrangements are being made to have vans drive the group between the airport in Colorado Springs and Philmont.  We have had one practice hike so far.  The next one is the Sunday after the dog sledding event from 12-3.  The following one is on April 4 at Afton State Park.  Roger will add a note to the emails to encourage participants to continue with their personal fitness programs.  The next planning meeting is April 14.  Our final payment for Philmont is due before March 1, along with our final crew size.  Roger will include in the email an announcement that there are still openings.

The troop entered the lottery for SeaBase in August 1-8, 2010, including 1 scuba and 2 sailing crews. 

We need two more adults to be Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified for Philmont.  Ken Rowe and Rick Rausch are planning to attend. Mark, Rick and Tom are already approved by the Committee for reimbursement for this training.  Bill Johnson will find out if Travis will hold the classes.

We are in need of a new Tomahawk coordinator for the future.  Roger will recruit someone. 

5.  Advancement Committee

Christy Bartlett and Tim Willard have discussed the merit badge schedule to ensure that we offer what is needed by both the older and younger boys. 

Christy and John DeMay intend to meet with every Scout about their advancement status.  The boys seem to be advancing well.

6.  Quartermaster Report

None.  Mark reported that the first aid kits are being worked on (2 large and 3 small).

Bill Johnson reported that the City of Vadnais Heights will require us to move our trailers in late May.  Also, we cannot use the same location for our flowers fundraiser next year, but a new location has been found. 

7.  Treasurer's Report

Ken Rowe presented the troop balance sheet and income statement.  The year ends at the end of February. 

Scout Bucks statements were distributed at or after the Court of Honor.  Overdrafts are largely due to Philmont payments and are being addressed.

Ken also presented a budget for 2009-2010, which was approved with corrections.

We discussed the issue of insurance on the troop trailers.  Damage to the trailer carries to the vehicle when in transit only.  There is no damage coverage alone, and contents are not covered at all.  We can buy our own coverage.  Cost with a $100 deductible would be $2.75 per $100 for trailer and contents.  Ken to talk with Rick Rausch about an inventory of contents.  Ken also needs costs of the trailers so he can get a quote.

8.  Fundraisers

Mark reported that bagging at Cub Foods is Saturday from 10-1:30 and 1:30-5.  Our next date is March 15.  The next signup is February 2.  Roger to send a troop email to the participants.

Other fundraising activities that Roger needs to follow up with MarySue Abel are fence painting again at Victoria Station, delivering food at Culvers on Monday nights, and Dome fundraising. 

Mark will work with MarySue about using Mickman Bros. as another option for next year for wreath vendor.  They have a quality product and appear to have competitive pricing.  Mark will investigate.  Michelle Willard knows about Mickman.

The flowers fundraiser will launch at the New Scouts meeting on March 10.  Roger to talk to MarySue and Linda.

9.  Community Service

None.  Roger proposed reviving our community service program in 2009.  He will look for coordinators to make this a priority again.

10.  Old Business

Joe Markham reported that this year's Friends of Scouting launched at the January Court of Honor.  There are 46 envelopes to be distributed.  So far we have received 6 responses for $871 for an average of  $145.  Our base goal is $5,300.  We should approach our old Eagle Scouts for a donation.  April 30 is the cutoff for FOS.

Roger reported that he will present the new troop website policy at the next meeting.

We have not received the payment from Pack 437 for their Scout Bucks and for the Basic Skills fees.  

11.  New Business

Roger announced that as a result of Tom's planned resignation as Scoutmaster, we are assembling a list of people willing to serve on the Search Committee.  Also, Ken Rowe has applied for the position.  Tom would like to remain in the position no later than September; he would like to remain through Tomahawk.  Roger will organize the Search Committee, and the Committee will determine a process and timeline.  We would probably meet on a night other than Tuesday.  Roger will schedule the first meeting and contact the people interested in the Committee.

Joe Mikkelson is looking for pictures for the 15th anniversary PowerPoint presentation. 

Christy has a Wood Badge ticket to promote the religious award.  She would like to start a program for that with our troop. 

Tom announced that March 10 is the New Scouts and Parents Night.

Roger reported that he has talked to Pastor Jim and expressed our appreciation for letting us meet at St. Stephen's.  He also asked about doing a community service project for the church, and Pastor Jim said they may have some landscaping to do this summer.

Roger announced that we will do adult OA nominations at the February Committee meeting.

Roger reported that we earned the 2008 Quality Unit award and are on track to receive the big award in 2010.

Roger presented the Rechartering report for 2009.  We began 2008 with 40 boys.  We added 5 Cub Scouts and also had 8 boys turn 18.  We also lost 4 boys but recruited 4 more.  We ended the year with 40 boys.  Our adult leaders increased from 32 to 40.

Roger reported that Young Eagles is on March 14.  Roger will arrange for a roster and an adult to lead the event.

Roger reported that Tracy Stumo-Langer is seeking a new troop logo wear vendor as Spartan is not responsive at all.