March 31, 2009

1.  Welcome

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


2. Report from the PLC

Nick S. reported that we had the Planning Campout last weekend.  The PLC will hold uniform inspections once a month.  Jordan B. will schedule troop activities for each meeting.  The PLC will plan at least one fun Scouting game for Basic Skills and will also plan at least one fun night before June, like bowling or Saints North.  The PLC will assign two patrols for troop box cleanup at an upcoming meeting.  Nick has developed a duty roster for each Scout meeting, including vacuuming the floors. 


3.  Scoutmaster Report

Tom DeGayner reported that the New Parents Meeting Night was March 10.   The turnout was very good, and the event went well.  Next year we will hopefully have a larger enrollment with Cubs from two packs joining us.

Jay R. is our latest Eagle Scout.  His Court of Honor is April 26.  The Gathering of Eagles dinner on April 15 is for Eagles and parents.

The District Dinner and Star of the North Awards is April 23.  We should have a presence there, with at least the Assistant Scoutmasters attending. 

Our troop’s 15th anniversary is this year.  Joe Mikkelson is working on a slide show.  Roger Scherping will recruit an adult to coordinate the event. 

St. Stephen’s has asked that we do a better job of cleaning up after ourselves.  We also need to do a better job of keeping the Scouts in the Fellowship Hall.  Scouts will not be allowed to have pop during the meetings.


4.  Camping Report

MarySue Abel reported that the troop email camping survey has been compiled, and we had a good response.  We have concluded that low turnout on campouts is generally attributable to conflicts, not a lack of interest, so planning well ahead of time would probably help our turnout.  People also commented that they would generally like to travel no more than 2 hours for a weekend campout.

We will try to do Camp Ripley in May, June or October, depending on when it’s available.

As a result of our discussions at the Planning Campout, here is our tentative schedule through June 2010:

May 15-17 campout: hiking and biking at a state park like St. Croix State Park (near Willard Munger Bike Trail).  MarySue will investigate available state parks and make a reservation.  The troop will pay the value of a weekend parking pass for the drivers, or they can use that amount toward a season parking pass. 

June 19-21: Camp Ripley or a canoeing campout or a patrol campout.

July 18-25 – Tomahawk

July 31 – August 14 – Philmont

August 7-9 – patrol campout

September 11-13 – Namekagon canoe trip

September 18-20 – OA Fall Conclave

October 2-4 – Camp Ripley or District Fall Camporee

November 13-15 – Merit Badge Weekend at Fred C. or Kiwanis

December 12-13 – Lock In at Shoreview Community Center

January 15-17, 2010 – Eagle Cave

February 19-21 – skiing, snowboard, dog sledding at a Scout camp in Duluth or day trips here

March 19-21 – Planning Weekend

April 23-25 – Basic Skills

May 21-23 – White water rafting

June 17-20 – Duluth to Hugo bike trip


Mark Beckers reported that the two Philmont itineraries (26 and 30) are in place.  The April 4 preparatory hike will be 9-3 at Kiwanis instead of at Afton. 

First Aid, CPR and Wilderness training sessions are all scheduled for April and May.

For SeaBase 2010 we have 1 scuba crew for August 1-7 and 2 sailing crews for July 31-August 6.  Scuba crew members need to be scuba certified before leaving home (YMCA, PADI, NAUI, or SSI).

Ken Rowe reported that our 2009 Tomahawk deposit for $25 per boy is due tomorrow. This does not include first years. We will make a reservation for 34 Scouts. We have paid our 2010 deposit. MarySue reported that Greg Beglinger is interested in helping us plan to do our own cooking at Tomahawk this year at an estimated additional cost of $20 per person more than what Tomahawk would charge us. MarySue will investigate further. Ken will investigate when we need to commit to this decision; if it is April 15, then we won’t be able to do so.  


5.  Advancement Committee

Christy Bartlett sent the advancement report to the Committee members.  We have 4 Tenderfoots, 2 Second Class, 17 First Class, 7 Star and 8 Life.  Since we have so many at First Class, the emphasis will be on helping them move to Star.  We have 3 boys turning 18 soon. 

We are looking for an Advancement Chair.

Tim Willard reported that scheduled merit badges are Citizenship in the Community in two weeks with Pat Mahoney and Personal Fitness with Roger two weeks later.  We are also planning to do Archery in May or June and Citizenship in the World in the fall.  Tim is working on a timeline for each merit badge. 

We are looking for additional merit badge counselors.  Tim is making a list of our counselors and will communicate what our needs are.  We have a lot of open merit badges.  We may want to create a chart of open merit badges by boy so that they have a visual reference of what they are working on.  We would communicate that to the parents, too.


6.  Quartermaster Report

None.  Mark reported that the first aid kits are being worked on (2 large and 3 small).


7.  Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe will be sending out Scout Bucks statements shortly, including estimated amounts for flower sales. 

The overdraft accounts have been reduced. 

Ken will talk with Rick Rausch about an inventory of contents and costs of the trailers so he can get an insurance quote.


8.  Fundraisers

Keith Nelson reported that the Manitou 15k is June 6.  Bridget and Tom Newman are taking over the fundraiser.  We are currently soliciting donations.  We will do another t-shirt design contest with the boys shortly. 

Roger reported that Michele Willard has agreed to be our new Fundraising Chair.  She will also take over the flowers fundraiser next year.  Roger will follow up with her on other fundraising activities, like a car wash, fence painting again at Victoria Station, delivering food at Culvers on Monday nights, and Dome fundraising.  Mark has volunteered to work with the new fundraising coordinator about using Mickman Bros. as another option for next year for wreath vendor.  They have a quality product and appear to have competitive pricing.

Mark reported that bagging at Cub Foods is on June 7.  The next signup is tomorrow at 10:00, and Mark will attempt to get a date for July.

MarySue reported that the flowers orders are in.  Pickup is on May 2 at the same park as last year.  Profit should be about 38%.  The pickup date conflicts with the St. John’s Cemetery Cleanup again. 

Mike Cerney reported that we could start Scout Firewood again, but he has not heard back from Ryan Solberg about selling to state parks. 


9.  Community Service

Jim Hering is our new Community Service Chair.  He discussed adding to our current list of community service activities with some activities that give the boys more personal contact with people in need.  In this way, they will take away something a little more personal from their service activities.  Jim is looking for guidance on the types of activities we would like to do.  He is proposing serving food at Union Gospel Mission, packing food for shipment to third world countries at Feed My Starving Children, volunteering at the VA Hospital, playing with the kids at Children’s Hospital, and volunteering at Relay for Life, Sharing and Caring Hands or Habitat for Humanity.  We will not be able to do the Children’s Hospital bike fundraiser because it conflicts with a campout.  Jim will work toward getting us scheduled for an activity in the fall.

The Committee agreed that we should continue to do projects that give us visibility in our community.  We have scheduled the annual Heritage Park cleanup for April 21, with dinner at 6.  Scouting for Food is April 25. 


10.  Old Business

There was no Friends of Scouting update.

Roger reported that the Scoutmaster Search Subcommittee will be voting on its recommendation on Thursday and presenting its recommendation to the Committee at the April meeting.

Christy discussed the Religious Awards program.  None of our Scouts have been earning them.  She has talked with Ann Cerney about being the coordinator.  Christy will do a presentation at a May troop meeting. 

Bill Johnson reported that we will need to move our trailers by June 1.  We will be moving them to Deb Clarke’s parents’ house.

Roger announced our latest adult leader volunteers: Bridget and Tom Newman will take over the Manitou 15k, Jim Hering is our new Community Service Coordinator, Michele Willard is our new Fundraising Chair, and Shelley Jokinen is adding Court of Honor Coordinator.


11.  New Business

Tom discussed the idea of crossing over gifts for the new Scouts.  For just $7 (from the military surplus store) Troop 733 gave each of their boys when they crossed over a pack, sleeping pad, carabineers, mosquito netting, and lanyards.  We will do this beginning in 2010.  We currently do just the neckerchief and slide. 

Roger reported that he and Tom will make their annual presentation to the White Bear Rotary, our chartered organization, in June.  We will try for later in June so we can bring some boys, too.