May 26, 2009

The meeting wascalled to order at 7:05 pm.

1.   Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2.  Report from the PLC
Allen C. reported that all rank advancement badges up to First Class will be handed out to the Scouts at the first Class A meeting after getting all of the requirements signed off for the badge.  The Advancement Committee agreed with this change.

3.  Scoutmaster Report
Tom DeGayner reported that we still have not cleaned out the troop’s orange box.  We are still looking to do this at an upcoming meeting.

We have a tentative date for the 15th anniversary celebration.  Tom is still looking for ideas from the PLC and adults to make the celebration a good one.  Joe Mikkelson is continuing to work on a PowerPoint presentation for the celebration.  Jeanenne Rausch commented that we should contact anyone that we want to invite to the celebration.  Jim Letourneau also suggested putting a brief announcement in the White Bear Press to promote the celebration.

The last campout at St. Croix State Park was a good one.  Mary Sue Abel reported that mountain biking was more strenuous than expected.  Mike Cerney reported that hiking went well, but attendance was poor, with just 4 Scouts.  The hike was 14 miles in total.

Tom and Jim are working together on the Scoutmaster transition.

4.  Camping Subcommittee
Mary Sue reported that our June campout (June 19-21) will be at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve.  We have a large group site reserved for that weekend, with activities including orienteering, fishing and archery.  The Philmont crews will be going to Nemaji State Forest or somewhere near Lake Superior for some hiking.

July will be Tomahawk, and August 7-9 is set for a weekend at the Clarke/Boerner cabin.  Merit badges will be worked on there.  August also includes Philmont for the High Adventure crews.

There is no additional information on cooking our own food at Tomahawk.  Bill Johnson noted that food safety would be a factor, especially considering that there is no refrigeration or storage space that will meet the requirements to make three meals a day for a week.  Tom also noted that logistics (i.e. work crews for food preparation, equipment) would be an issue.  The concerns are with both the quality and the quantity of the food.  After discussion, it was said that we should come up with a proposed menu, assess what equipment and crew of people we’d need for food preparation, and investigate what changes the camp has made since last year to improve its foodservice program.  Final decisions need to be made at the June Committee meeting.

The Tomahawk swim test is June 23 at Maplewood Community Center.  Roger Scherping will check to see if a room can be reserved as a place for parents to ask questions about Tomahawk.

Mike Cerney reported that better attendance needs to be achieved at Philmont planning meetings and on campouts done by the High Adventure crews.  Mark Beckers has planned training hikes for Wednesdays at Tamarack Nature Center until the crews leave for Philmont.  There are still openings for Philmont.  Mike noted that we are within the ranges of crew size (10 on Crew A and 8 on Crew B).  There will also be a biking event scheduled for noon on Saturday, May 30, to go once around White Bear Lake, starting at Matoska Park.  Roger will send an email to those on the Philmont crews about this event.

Rick Rausch reported that we have spare snack bins that can be bought by Scouts for Tomahawk.  Cost for a snack bin is $3.  Equipment is being readied for Tomahawk at this time.

Tom spoke with Joe Markham about the first aid kits.  They are now replenished and are in the troop trailers.

Tim Willard and Jeff Abel have worked together on investigating purchasing supplies from an Army surplus store.  Items that we could consider include backpacks, mosquito netting, and other goods.  Jim and Tim suggested beginning a “care package” for new Scouts coming into the troop, including things such as a sleeping pad, water bottle, and lanyard.  Jeff will submit the required paperwork for us to make purchases.  All purchases will be billed to the troop so will need to be accounted for properly.

5.  Advancement Subcommittee
Tim Willard reported that he sent out a new list of merit badge counselors who work just in the troop to Roger for posting on the website.  Brian D., Joe S. and Nick S. are currently working on Eagle projects.

Tim is also coming up with ideas for beginning an advancement board.

Our June Court of Honor is planned for June 16th.  The PLC is working with the Advancement Committee to plan the event.  The September Court of Honor on the 22nd and 15th anniversary celebration events will be kept separate for potential scheduling conflicts.  It was decided that the anniversary celebration will be moved to October 25.

6.  Fundraising Subcommittee
Michelle Willard is investigating doing car washes as well as running a concession stand at Pack 437’s Pinewood Derby race for further fundraising opportunities.

Ted Wallerstedt has signed us up for grocery bagging at Cub on June 7, July 2, and August 16, and is currently working on getting us a date for September.  He submitted for review a detailed procedure for running the bagging fundraising program.

Keith Nelson reported on the Manitou 15K race.  He will talk to Jordan B. or Quintin A. for a roster of who is attending.  The number of race registrants are currently on pace to be about the same as last year.  Bridget Newman has secured medals for the award ceremony after the race.  Joe Mikkelson will train Alex C. and Karl S. to do the route for bike pacing.

Mary Sue reported on the final flower sale totals.  We sold approximately $16,000 worth of flowers with our total profit being about 38%.  Flower sorting went smoothly, and MarySue thanked everybody for their help.

Mike Cerney reported he is still investigating selling Scout Firewood to state parks.


7.  Community Service Subcommittee
Jim Hering was not present at the meeting, but he wanted to ask the Committee how often we should be doing community service.  The Committee agreed that we should be doing 6 hours of service every 6 months, or about one event every other month (6 events per year).

We are signed up for Relay for Life on July 31 at South Campus.  Jim will invite the Cub Scouts to join us.  We have reservations for 25 people for Feed My Starving Children (19 Scouts and 6 adults) on October 20.  The Committee instructed him to get 16 more spots.

We will not be able to do service at Union Gospel Mission in Minneapolis because they want us in Minneapolis on Friday afternoons between 4:30 and 5:00, which would not be possible.

Keith will check on whether we can help out with the Pine Tree 5K race this year and forward the contact to Jim.

8.  Website Subcommittee
No report.  Roger will check with Steve Anastasi on the progress of our troop website upgrade.

9.  Treasurer’s Report
No report. 

10.  Old Business
Roger has been in contact with Mark Sather about giving our annual presentation to the Rotary but has not heard back yet.

We have no new adult leaders to report this month.

Bill Johnson is working with the city of Vadnais Heights to secure a new site for our troop trailers once their new facility is complete.  The trailers are currently at the Clarke farm.

There was no report from the Subcommittees on how their meetings are working.

11.  New Business
There was one question regarding signups for SeaBase.  We have 2 sailing crews and 1 scuba crew.  Mark will investigate whether we can get another scuba crew.

12.  Comments/Closing
The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.