February 23, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm.

1. Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2. Report from PLC
Jay R. reported that he is preparing to take over the role of Senior Patrol Leader.  He also noted that Scout-level positions will be finalized in the next week.  He said he plans no major changes at this time.

3. Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau reported that we have no Scouts coming over from Pack 529, and just one coming from Pack 437.   He shared a brochure that talks about our troop and which will be used as a recruitment tool for anyone interested in transferring to our troop. We will need a plan for the coming year in order to recruit more boys next year.

Jim noted that the Polar Camp weekend went well.  Some of the Scouts put on old uniforms to mark the 100th anniversary of Scouting.

Pack 437’s Blue and Gold will be on March 21.

Troop leadership positions will be filled in the next week.  Currently, the position of troop scribe is open.  Patrol leader elections will be held at the March 2 meeting.

The Scouts have expressed an interest in earning the Centennial Unit Award in 2010.  Jim will look into making signoff cards for the boys to track their progress on the award.

Jim noted that we may send two Scouts to Grey Wolf leadership training this year. Jim will talk with Greg B. and Quintin A. about attending.

We will not be holding a New Scouts and Parents Night this year due to the fact we are having only one new Scout.

Jim is developing an agenda for the Planning Weekend.  We will invite the entire troop to the weekend, but we need another activity for the Scouts who do not have leadership positions.  Mary Sue Abel suggested we do both team-building games and planning sessions similar to how Planning Weekend was done last year.  Joe Mikkelson may do a breakout session with the first-year Scouts during the weekend to finish requirements for First Class.

Jim shared an idea for a “Tech Chip,” similar to a Totin' Chip, to be used to control the use of electronics on troop outings.

Jim shared with the Committee leadership position cards that can be used for marking down attendance rates, training completion, and signing off the card once the tenure for the position is complete.

4. Camping Subcommittee
Mary Sue Abel reported that the Skiing/Snow Boarding/Tubing outing may need to be rescheduled for March 7 due to inadequate enrollment.  An email will be sent out.

A signup sheet has been created for Planning Weekend in March at Phillippo.

Basic Skills is planned for April at Fred C. 

The Star Camp in May will be held at Stearns Scout Camp instead of at the Twin Cities Ordnance facility in Arden Hills.  Those who want to attend need to sign up by April 15.

June will be the Duluth to Hugo Bike Trip.

Tomahawk is scheduled for July.  Mary Sue said the older Scouts can participate in Tomahawk’s T2 program again this year.   We are also sign up for Tomahawk 2011, for the week of July 16-23, 2011.

Reservations for Northern Tier will be open on April 1.  Options include starting out from Atikokan or Ely.  MarySue will discuss options with several adult leaders who have been there before.

Michele Willard noted that she has submitted the Scuba health forms for Sea Base.  Jim noted that there should be crew leaders for both the Scuba and Sailing crews.  Jeff Abel is working on ground transportation, and Roger Scherping is working on tour permits.

Mary Sue will talk to Rick Rausch about purchasing some new coolers and a vendor tent for Tomahawk.

5. Advancement Subcommittee
Tim Willard and Jim Letourneau reported that Allen C. and Andrew S. are approaching Eagle and working on their final requirements.  There are several other Scouts who are also approaching Eagle.  We will likely have two new Eagle Scouts within two months.

Roger Scherping noted that we need to document our process for preparing our traditional gifts for our Eagle Scouts.  He will work with Tim on this.

6. Fundraising Subcommittee
Michele Willard noted that we have started flower sales.  Sales end on March 23.

Grocery bagging is scheduled for April 2 (Good Friday) at the White Bear Cub Foods.

Jim Golding is working on doing a price comparison on wreaths for next year.

7. Community Service Subcommittee
Jim Hering reported that we will not be doing the Lion’s Club play because of potential spring break conflicts for White Bear students.

Jim Letourneau noted that we should report any completed community service projects in 2010 to the Scout office as part of a “Good Turn for America” initiative.

Scouting for Food is on April 24.  Deb Clarke will talk to Pack 437 about having them join us for the event.

We have scheduled Heritage Park cleanup for May 4 at our regular troop meeting time.

We are also planning on Relay for Life on July 30.

8. Website Subcommittee
Steve Anastasi reported that the new troop website is up and running.  All of the troop content has been migrated to the new site on Google except for Memorabilia and pictures.  The address of the old site will now point to the new Google site. We will keep both a public site and a private site for the Committee. 

We currently do not have a Scout-level Webmaster who can also have access to making changes.  We also have not moved the pictures to the new website, and part of the troop Historian’s position is to collect pictures and find the best ones to place on the site. Tim Willard suggested we clean up the “Troop Library” section of the site to clean up old documents.

Steve suggested that we make a request to the District to get our website linked to theirs.

Joe Mikkelson has worked on a section of the troop website for Road to First Class.  This portion of the site will let first-year Scouts and their parents keep track of advancement progress within the program.  There is also a page for contacting the coordinators and troop guides about questions relating to Road to First Class.

Roger commented that the new website is everything that Steve promised it would be when he proposed it a year ago. The Committee thanked him for all his hard work.

9. Treasurer’s Report
Ken Rowe distributed a 2010 budget report. He has all of the Scout Bucks statements updated and has been distributing statements over the last several weeks.  He said that we have about 31 overdrawn accounts, primarily due to SeaBase, and he is working to get them paid up.

Ken reported that he will have a 2011 budget ready next month.

Ken commented that the way we collect money from fundraisers means that often people’s checks are held for a considerable period of time, which caused a problem recently.

Ken will look into getting troop debit cards for MarySue and Roger, and he will get Jim set up as a check signer on our account.

Ken reported that he has received an inventory of the troop trailers so that he can investigate the cost of insurance. 

10. Old Business
Roger reported that we are currently at 47% of our FOS goal.

Deb Clarke reported that she has a resource for an adult-level special needs awareness training class.

The Committee reviewed the condensed version of the new “Troop Expectations” document and approved the 3”x 4.5” version.

The Committee nominated Jeff Abel as our 2009 adult OA candidate.

Jim and Roger reported that they have nominated several of our adult leaders for the Star of the North award.  Jim will nominate some of our Scouts for Star of the Future.  The District Recognition Dinner is April 29.

11. New Business

12. Comments/Closing
The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.