January 26, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

1. Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2. Report from PLC
No report.

3. Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau presented a list of Webelos Scouts from Packs 437 and 529 who might be transferring to our troop in March.  
Roger Scherping will get the email addresses of the boys from Pack 529 and add them to our email list.  Jeff Abel reported that five of the boys from Pack 437 are visiting our troop meeting next week.

As reported previously, Pack 437’s Polar Camp is scheduled for the weekend of February 6 at
Camp Greenwood (Buffalo, MN), and their Blue and Gold Banquet will be held on March 21 at the White Bear Armory.

Jim also reported that Jay R. and Jordan B. have filed applications to run for Senior Patrol Leader.  We will hold OA elections and troop elections at the February 9 meeting.  We will have up to eight Scouts eligible for OA, depending on how many nights Tomahawk counts for.  Jim will check with Tom DeGayner on that question.

The PLC decided to attend the District’s 100th anniversary celebration Camporee in Arden Hills in May instead of going white water rafting. 

Jim will talk with the PLC about whether they want to pursue the individual ribbons that are a part of the 2010 Quality Unit award.

Jim discussed Grey Wolf training.  He would like us to send one of our younger Scouts.  Roger will check with Ken Rowe on whether we have the money this year.  The cost is $190.  Nomination deadline is April 15.

Jim will try to find out when the Pack 437 boys will be joining us.  If they wait until their Blue and Gold, it will be very late in March.  Once Jim finds out, we will schedule our New Scouts and Parents’ Night.

Jim proposed making the March Planning Weekend more of a training weekend for the boy leaders and not just a whole-troop campout. This would give the Scouts who hold positions more responsibility for planning troop events and activities.  He will discuss at the next Committee meeting.

Jim also discussed developing criteria and a card for signing off on leadership positions.

4. Camping Subcommittee
Mary Sue Abel reported that we are planning dog sledding on February 20. We only have five Scouts signed up for this trip so far.

We are also planning a Ski, Snowboard and Snow Tubing overnight event on February 28 at Afton. 

The March Planning Weekend is at Phillippo, and Basic Skills will be at Fred C in April.

Airfare has been booked for both groups for Sea Base, so the preparations are going well.

MarySue will talk with Mark Beckers about high adventure ideas for 2011.

Tomahawk is scheduled for July 17-24.

Rick Rausch reported that he is cleaning and drying ground tarps from
Eagle Cave.

Jeff Abel reported that he has between five and seven pairs of snowshoes for purchase from the surplus store.  The new Scouts who join us this year will receive backpacks and frames, sleeping pads, mosquito netting, and tie-down straps.  Jeff will take care of renewing our charter at the store.

5. Advancement Subcommittee
Christy Bartlett reported that two Scouts, Andrew S. and Allen C., are approaching Eagle and are making good progress on their respective Eagle projects. Jordan B. recently attained Life.  She reported that overall the boys are generally progressing very well at all levels. 

Christy reported that there are new rank requirements for 2010. Christy will distribute these changes to the committee.

The Court of Honor in January went very well and ended on time.  The script seems to make the events run smoothly.

6. Fundraising Subcommittee
Michele Willard reported that the next Cub Foods bagging opportunity will be on April 2, which is Good Friday, from 12-6. We were not able to get a spot for February or March.

Jim Golding has stepped forward to be our new Wreaths Fundraising Coordinator.  He will meet with Chuck Fullerton to transition the duties.  Final totals have not come in for wreath sales yet for this year.

Flower sales information will be distributed in late February, and sales will end in late March. Pickup is scheduled for the first weekend in May.

Popcorn sales went smoothly again this year.

Michele is also investigating a car wash for the high adventure fundraising and also fence painting at Victoria Station again.

7. Community Service Subcommittee
Jim Hering will check on volunteering Scouts to be ushers at the White Bear Lion’s Club play scheduled for March 3-6.

8. Website Subcommittee
No report.  
Roger Scherping will check with Steve Anastasi about website progress.

9. Treasurer’s Report
No report.

10. Old Business
Roger reported that Jim Letourneau launched Friends of Scouting at the January Court of Honor.  We are determined to reach our goal this year. There will be a direct mail, email, and calling campaign.  We will also solicit donations from our Eagle alumni.  We would like to wrap up everything with FOS by April 1.

An issue was raised at the last Committee meeting about the appropriateness of adults bringing younger siblings to campouts.  We learned through research that siblings would be covered through the District’s insurance at a Boy Scout camp as well as at a non-BSA camp when a tour permit is filed.  Jim proposed a new troop policy: “Siblings are allowed on troop campouts or events only when the event is designated as a family event.  The parent or guardian is expected to attend, too, and supervise that sibling.” The Committee unanimously approved this addition to our Troop Guidelines.  Roger will make the change to our Troop Guidelines and communicate this via the troop email.

Roger asked the Committee where we could find a resource for special needs awareness training for our adults and Scouts.   Roger will talk with Deb Clarke about contacting a resource at the District.

Roger also discussed our “Troop 494 Expectations,” the previous month’s new addition to our Troop Guidelines.  He recapped how we have communicated this document so far via the home page of our website and an email to the entire troop.  The Committee agreed that these Expectations should work well to communicate what our troop is about and help avoid misunderstandings caused by unclear expectations.  The Committee agreed to present the Expectations at the new parents’ night in March.  Roger will also work on a small sticker summarizing the Expectations so we can include it on some of our troop handouts.

11. New Business
Roger discussed OA elections for the adult leaders for 2010.  Jim Letourneau has a list of the adult leaders who are currently in OA.  The Committee will discuss this further in February, once we know which boys are elected.

Christy Bartlett will find out about Northern Star Council’s Star of the North and Star of the Future awards.

12. Comments/Closing
The meeting adjourned at
8:55 pm.